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Reciprocal Horse Relationship: Receiving and Giving

​A reciprocal relationship is one of the most rewarding connection experiences a human can have. When that relationship is with a horse, who freely chooses to engage, it touches the human heart and affects body, mind and spirit. Many horse lovers will tell you that one of the most rewarding relationships in their life, is the one they have with their horse and that the time they spend with them is one of love, peace, joy and empowerment.

What I have witnessed is that most horse lovers, more often than not, are more comfortable in giving than they are receiving. Horse lovers often relish the caretaker role. It can even be downright difficult to not pet or stroke or tend to our horses whenever we are near them. And why wouldn't we! It feels wonderful to share our love with horses through our acts of care and stewardship. Yet, every reciprocal relationship is about receiving love as well as giving it. And If we are always in give mode, we are not fully open or intentional to our own receiving. This also blocks the reciprocity in the relationship and the enormous benefits of receiving the unconditional love horses desire to give.

Here in Costa Rica, horses have shared with me even more of the importance of intentionally Asking to Receive. Many humans limit the love and kindness that they receive out of guilt, lack of worthiness or simply because they are too busy giving or doing to focus on anything else. They just don't make much time for receiving, much less intentionally Asking to Receive.

However, when we intentionally Ask to Receive, we open up our ability to take in what is being offered. When we honor and appreciate and acknowledge the gift we are receiving, it is meaningful to both human and horse. For example, when you give love and kindness to another and they acknowledge and appreciate your love, doesn't this expand your heart even more? Reversely, if you give love and it's barely noticed, doesn't that affect your heart conversely? Are you givers getting this? Luckily, a horse’s love is truly unconditional and they don't take our lack of awareness and appreciation personally. However, your lack of receiving most definitely limits the connection you could have experienced and shared with the special horse desiring to give to YOU!

When humans recognize horses as the innate healers they are and believe that they are worthy to receive, they activate their ability to connect meaningfully and profoundly. My horses have taught me several experiences to assist in this process of heart connection and to experience a reciprocal relationship with horse.

Free Liberty, EquiEnergy, EquiTouch and Intuitive Movement Horses are three energy exchanges my horses have asked me to share.

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