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Horses Healing Power

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Horse Spirit Healing Philosophy

My philosophy has developed over a lifetime of interaction, learning and commitment to my horses. My journey has inspired me to discover my own creative visions of purpose and meaning. Mine is an eclectic approach that evolves from a willingness to experiment and learn through a respectful and compassionate connection with horse. There is one thing I know for sure, there is always more to learn and horses love to teach!

My core belief is that horses are healers and we are as well. Given the opportunity to be truly respected and assisted, we are capable of partnering with Horses to bring joy, peace and meaningful purpose to our lives. ​Connection with horse impacts us body, mind and spirit. In BEING present in the Moment of Now with horse we co-create an organic journey that brings empowerment and awareness.

Present in Body.

Present in Mind.

Present in Spirit.

This trilogy is a powerful alignment that can bring inspired action to live more authentically and joyfully. Just like a horse does every day!

In our body (enbody) we experience horses healing impact in many ways. We feel their unconditional love in our own bodies somatic response to their attentive presence with us. It is truly an impactful physical connection to BE with these amazing animals. When riding astride these generous and willing partners, our bodies move and connect in a fluid, graceful, synergy with horse. The physical benefits of awareness, mobility and connection has seemed miraculous too many abled and disabled individuals alike.

The empowering body, mind, spirit trilogy is felt when “in flow” with horse and activates the attention of our mind. ​Our Mind's attention is captivated by horse and activates new awareness in the moment of NOW. Our mind and body respond to the intention that horse inspires through connection and communication between Human and Horse. ​

Spirit of both horse and human fill with joy and love through shared connection. And through love all things are possible! Inspired action follows when we are connected body, mind and spirit.

So many ways to feel this meaningful connection...


​In a moment shared in timeless moment under a tree as you lean upon sleek, strong shoulder and share secrets to a compassionate ear.

In a moment of breath taking performance as you fly balanced over strong back and thundering hooves to achieve feats dreamed into creation.

In a moment of experiencing unconditional love from a horse who chooses to show up just for you.

It all starts with simple intentional connection between human and Horse and leads to positive life change......


Body…. Mind…. Spirit …. Horses Heal…..

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