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Feel the peace and tranquility as you walk through the gates of the Resonance Ranch Sanctuary. Every adventure begins with learning about our special healing horses in what we call The Whisper. Discover a new perspective of how humans receive connection and healing as you immerse in a powerful herd of horses in stunning nature.


Combine two experiences for full days of horse adventure!

With an afternoon break to integrate and nourish with a seaside lunch. 

Pick your Medicine 
(or try both) 

Are you looking for fun and adventure! Check out:


Horseback Experiences

Feel the healing of horses in unmounted connections! Check out:


Horse Spirit Experiences

Horseback Experiences

Horseback Experiences

Empowerment Horseback Adventure


Experience a horseback partnership through the profound connection built with one special horse in The Herd. Explore trust and connection on a bareback adventure through the beautiful ranch or beach of Cabuya, Costa Rica.  Horseback time is organic depending on the group, approximately 1 hour.

Half Day Ranch Experience

Shared Group (min 2 people)          $150 pp 

Private Party (min. 2)                       $175    

Individual                                      $325 

Swim with Horses River or Sea


There is nothing quite so freeing and magical as swimming with horses, splashing in the waves or immersing in the rivers of Costa Rica! Horses love the beach too with a good roll and play in a sea sand scrub massage. An unforgettable lifetime experience!  Horseback time is organic depending on the group, approximately 1 hour (previous HSH experience required or a full day experience).

Half Day Ranch Experience

Shared Group (min 2 people)          $150 pp 

Private Party (min. 2)                       $175     

Individual                                      $325  


Horseback Yoga & Unity


Horses are live embodiments of the yoga unity philosophy. Intentionally present in each moment of now, at peace in simple communion with the nature they live within. Profoundly sensitive and aware, horses calibrate you to love and joy. Skin to skin, eye to eye, Being to Being you are led on a transformative intuitive & physical connection with The Herd and one special horse by talented coaches. Horseback time is organic depending on the group, approximately 1 hour.

Half Day Ranch Experience


Shared Group (min 2 people)          $150 pp

Private Party (min. 2)                      $175    

Individual                                      $325   

Horse Spirit

Horse Spirit Experiences

Horse Spirit Meditation


Immerse in the deep grounding of horse and sacred land as you open your awareness to horses' ancient whisper of wisdom and unconditional LoveJoy energy. Receive an expansion of breath, gratitude and love in this guided connection with horses and nature. Horses intentional presence with you in the moment of Now activates authentic heart connection.


2 Hour Herd Experience

Shared Group (min 2)         $75 pp

Private Party (min 2)           $100 

Individual                          $175

Equine Gestalt Coaching


Seeking more joy, peace, inspiration, self-love, or recovery from trauma, grief, limiting beliefs, or other life challenges? Horses are energetic elevators, opening your heart to their unconditional love frequency and guiding you to an elevated inner awareness. Sessions are powerful and effective in clarifying and realising your goals and visions professionally and personally. 

Sessions are a deep immersion in an embodied experiential interaction with this unique herd of healing horses. Held with acceptance and guided into the present moment, horse and coach assist in bringing awareness to answers deep within you. Awareness leads to proactive growth and change, creating a profound shift to wholeness - body, mind and spirit. Receive compassionate support from an empathic coach and herd.


Equine Gestalt Coaching with Letitia Watson

Equine Holistic Coaching with Rio Buverrtt


2 Hour Herd Coaching Session

Individual session                         $200

additional hours                           $100

Couple  session                            $250

additional hours                           $125 

Online 1 hour sessions                  $  75


Equinetics Chakra Balance


Imagine a Herd of Horses intentionally connecting and calibrating your auric energy field to their innate energy essence of LoveJoy. Allow yourself to truly relax completely under ancient trees held by your compassionate healing guide and horses.  Breath in the peace and intentional touch and connection of the deep grounding of horses communion.  Expand in trust, love and peace in the middle of a free herd of horses who choose you to heal.  Physical, emotional and spiritual are effected with  Equinetics, a vibrational elevation in an embodied balancing to Joy.

2 Hour Herd Experience

Individual session                         $175

Couple  session                            $250

Yoga with Horses, Hoops & Nature


Be inspired in this joyful exploration with hoops, yoga and intuitive movement with The Herd. This deep presence in nature experience of union through breath, energy and movement is an organic exploration led by body and horses.  Share a guided energetic connection in presence and movement with horse, self and nature in a nurturing and accepting space.

1.5 Hour Herd Experience 

Shared Group (min 2)        $55 pp

Private Party (min 2)           $75 pp

Individual                         $125


Happy Horses Healing Hearts


This is an introduction to the “How” and “Why” Happy Horses intentionally show up to unconditionally share love with humans with joy and deep connection. This is for all horse lovers that desire an experiential understanding of an entire Herd of Healing Horses and how to Open to Receive their innate healing gifts. lExperience their chakra balancing, auric field and effects of their energetic frequency of LoveJoy.


This is an unmounted experience and a sneak peek into Level 1 Happy Horses Healing Hearts certification. Go deeper in our Happy Horse Sanctuary certification.


Half Day Ranch Experience


Shared Group (min 2)     $150 pp   

Private Party (min 2)        $175 

Individual                      $325 

Massage with Horses in Nature


Immerse in the deep grounding of sacred land and ancient trees as you experience relaxation in a healing massage with talented physical and energetic body workers.  Feel body, mind and spirit rejuvenate in the deep peace within the sanctuary.


1 hr Massage in Nature  $ 80

1.5 hr                           $110

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