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Journey of The Herd Retreats

If you are intrigued to experience a horse's love connection, empowerment, and healing abilities, you will love this nature immersion with our herd of 13 happy horses.


Be held in sacred, competent and therapeutic space at Resonance Ranch Sanctuary.  Embody awareness and transformation through a profound relationship and adventures with one special horse and The Herd. Experience the intuitive connection and unconditional love our happy horses choose to intentionally share with you.

We offer several retreat focuses and are delighted to customize a focus to meet the unique needs of your group or individual retreat. 

Retreats Include sanctuary lodging, vegetarian meals made with love, full days of adventures.  ​

Journeys of The Herd

Joy VisoJourney

Vision of Joy Journey

March 6th to12th
Apr 24th to 28th

7 nights  $2550 per person.

5 night $1850. 

All inclusive retreat. Custom dates available.

How would you be living your life to the fullest if you felt empowered to do so? Imagine having the courage, trust and inspiration to discover and then follow your dreams. Discover what needs to be released to step with confidence and clarity into your intentional vision of Joy. 

Horses guide you on a journey of believing in yourself as you believe in them.  Through shared adventures and intention, experience profound transformation with horses and the talented coaches dedicated to your empowered joyful life!



Happy Horses Healing Hearts

Level 1 Certification
Feb 20th to 24th CR

May Nevada USA
June Vermont USA

5 night $1850. 

All inclusive workshop.

Custom dates available.

Our mission is to spread Happy Horse Healing Sanctuaries across the globe. We provide education and support to nature centers, where Horses are recognized and empowered to share their unconditional LoveJoy essence and innate healing gifts with humanity.

Dive deep into an experiential embodiment of the intentional and vibrational, heart coherence horses share with humans. With passionate equine coaches, learn how the power of presence and an intentional environment impacts horses abilities as healers.

Learn how and why these graceful spirits deeply impact humans joy, peace, intention, clarity, knowingness, and connection. 

Take your expanded heart and knowledge home to the horses in your life. Spread The Whisper and Be the ripple of change in a new paradigm of the human - horse reciprocal relationship. Learn more details.


LoveJoy Journey
LoveJoy Journey 1

Self LoveJoy Journey

Jan 23rd to 27th
Apr 10th to 14th

7 nights  $2550 per person.

5 night $1850. 

All inclusive retreat. Custom dates available.

Do you truly love, appreciate and accept yourself? Are you ready to release self doubt and feeling unworthy and replace it with the connection, love and joy you seek with self and others? Any true reciprocal relationship with another begins with self love.

Experience the undeniable, unconditional love of horses who truly accept the authentic you. There is no “fooling” a horse, they are sensitive and highly attuned beings, aware of slight sensations, intentions, emotions and thoughts that affect the human body and spirit. Even when in fear, anxiety and self doubt, horses love us anyway and lead us to do the same.


In nurturing space, open awareness of the limiting patterns that effect authentic connection. Through a love affair with horses and guidance of experienced coaches, activate the energetic pathway to love of horses, self and others.


Yoga with Horses A Reciprocal

Yoga Unity with Horses

Feb 13 to 17

7 nights  $2550 per person.

5 night $1850. 

All inclusive retreat. Custom dates available.

Horses are live embodiments of the yoga unity philosophy. Intentionally present in each moment of now, horses are not concerned with the past nor the future, but at peace in simple communion with the nature they live within. Connected deeply to the Earth they live upon, profoundly sensitive and aware, living in harmony with all beings.


Horses calibrate you to love and joy. Skin to skin, eye to eye, Being to Being you are led on a transformative intuitive connection with The Herd, one special horse and talented coaches. Embody yoga connection, led by horse, body, mind and spirit.

New to Yoga or a master, this retreat will inspire and recharge, deepen trust, movement & breath through a love communion with horses in mounted and unmounted yoga practice.


DSC03129 (1).jpg
Anchor 1

Conexiones Significativas
Con Miriam Demonte

Marzo 17 al 19


Construyendo una conexión significativa entre el caballo y el ser humano, con el aval científico de las neurociencias y otras disciplinas.

Este será un viaje intensivo a las profundidades de la presencia y el vínculo con estos maravillosos animales. Un replanteamiento de la relación persona caballo, haciéndo énfasis en el potencial terapéutico de el estar con los caballos aquí y ahora  y como simultáneamente este es un medio para la experiencia de autoconocimiento, introspección y mejor comprensión de la realidad interna en relación a la vinculación afectiva.

Una experiencia única en la vida, en el precioso santuario para personas y caballos, Resonance Ranch. Rodeados por la naturaleza, árboles centenarios, el mar y una manada de 13 caballos felices.


Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 21.13.31.png

Adventure on the Wild Side

March 27th to 31st

Leap out of your box and into the wild in adventures and connection with a special horse and nature excursions! Get ready for some joy rides as horses lead the way and explore Costa Rica with adventuresome guides.  


Share half days of empowering experiences with The Herd. The rest of the day integrate horse power and immerse with guided nature adventures. Hike Cabo Blanco National Park, dive in the magical Montezuma waterfall, explore the famous Cabuya Cemetery Island - accessible on foot at low tide.


7 nights  $2550 per person.

5 night $1850. 

All inclusive retreat. Custom dates available.

Horse Heart Art

May 8th to 12th

7 nights  $2550 per person.

5 night $1850. 

All inclusive retreat. Custom dates available.

​Immerse into artistic presence with nature and horses and activate the creative flow within. Inspired by therapeutic art and expression experiences, guided by horses and talented coaches, drop blockages and ignite self expression. Surrounded by the stunning beauty of nature and horses follow your heart creations.

Playfulness with nature and horses is a natural palette for a variety of creative modalities to emerge. This is an unmounted horse retreat.



Clarity of Purpose Immersion  

June 26th to July 9th July 10th to July 23rd
July 24th to Aug 6th
Custom dates available

​2 week Immersion       $3850

one month Immersion  $5550

6 week immersion        $7250

Immersion includes meals, lodging & experiences

If you are in a transition, looking for true meaning and joyful purpose in your life, ready to discover and discern what and how to bring your passions and talents to form, this Journey of The Herd is for you!
Immerse in this healing sanctuary and create healthy patterns in an empowered life style. Through supportive coaches and the power of The Herd embark on a journey of self discovery and life creation. Gain awareness and tools to break through what may be holding you back from feeling and expressing the meaning and purpose in your life. Step forward in clarity and support to bring forth the meaningful vision of your purpose.


Customized Journeys

Inquire for dates & rates

2 nights to 1 month

All inclusive retreats or non inclusive.

Co-create your Horse adventure! Choose the dates, focus, length and experiences to create an unforgettable retreat in paradise. Come for an incredible get away or immerse for a month journey of the herd. Whether a family, team, group or facilitator, we are happy to create a customized Horse Nature Retreat to fit your needs.


DSC03199 (1).jpg
Conexines Significativas
Wild Side
Horse Heart Art
23 to 27 - Self LoveJoy Journey
13 to 17 - Yoga Unity wih Horses






6 to 12 - Vision of Joy Journey
17 al 19 - Conexiones Significativas con Miriam Demonte
27 to 31 - Adventure on the Wild Side
10 to 14 - Self LoveJoy Journey
8 to 12 - Horse Heart Art
Custom Journeys - Inquire for Dates
Cutomized for mobile
Customized retreats
Horse Heart Art Mobile
WildSide Mobile
Customized Journey for mobile

*A Happy Horse is one whose needs for care and love and respect are met. Whose stewards care

deeply and  provide a nurturing, natural and safe environment to live and share.

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