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Apprenticeship, Working Student & Community Programs

Working Student


Mission: This unique Journey of the Herd Apprenticeship will increase your practical, physical, mental and emotional life skills. Contribute through experiential learning the many details of a horse sanctuary. Bring your heart and skills to contribute and learn behind the scenes in a deep immersion into the HSH team and the services we share.

Learning: Learn the HSH principals and be actively involved in the holding and providing for a team, herd and ranch guests. Build competence and confidence in connecting with humans and horses within a passionate vision of horses healing humans. Develop and exercise skills to hold different aspects of the project based on interest and skill. Work side by side with  Letitia, Rio and the team to assist creating horse experiences as skills develop Experience and dive deep into creating a Happy Herd and the four relationships of horse: Free Liberty, Leadership, Stewardship and Partnership (horseback). Develop intention, focus, leadership, collaboration, teamwork and responsibility. Utilize your own unique gifts and develop new ones to bring success and creativity to the overall ranch mission. and greater local community. Contribute to ongoing community projects.

Commitment: Minimum 3 month  commitment, 5 Days a week,10 plus hours a day contributing to the Horse Spirit Healing needs with talents, effort and passion. 

Opportunity: Successful completion is an opportunity to join the full time HSH team.

Required gear: Rubber boots and rain gear.

Required Horse Level: Experienced.


3 Months $2400

6 Months $4800

Inquire for levels 1 through 4 certifications

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Journey of the Herd Apprenticeship



Mission: The Working Student project is an immersion. Focus is on land stewardship and the growth and support of Horse Spirit Healing projects.   Students live on Ranch and are an active part of the Ranch community. The unique skill set of each Steward is appreciated and utilized in Horse Spirit Healing projects and development. Students can also participate in the Stewardship Project above.

Learning: Learn to communicate and collaborate with fun and connection to uplift this horse healing community. Many skill sets are utilized on the ranch and students are encouraged to actively learn and participate with one and other.

Commitment: The Working Student project is a minimum 1 month, 5 Days a week, 5 hours a day contributing to the Ranch needs with talents, effort and passion. Volunteers can also participate in the stewardship project.

Accommodations: Shared housing at a special price, kitchen, bath and intentional ranch environment.

Required gear: Rubber boots and rain gear.

Cost: Depending on lodging $15 - $50 per night

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Working Student Program

Working Student

Community Youth Projects

Horse Stewardship Project
Colt School

Cabuya Caballo Kids

Mission: Cabuya Caballo Kids was our first outreach offering to the community back in September 2020 through present time.


Learning: This community gathering  for all ages, creates meaningful and joyful connections in Free Liberty Receiving with healing  horses. Participants  express their heart expression of their horse connections into artistic form.


Commitment: This 2 hour community program is offered  monthly to the greater community free of charge.

Cost: Free of charge. 

Community Support call in. Donations and sponsorships appreciated to  support the local community, herd, arts and sanctuary.

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Colt School Sponsorship Project

Mission: The Colt School Sponsorship Project is an out reach project using your donations to share the Herd with special needs and able bodied children in the local Costa Rican community. 

Learning: Participants experience the healing and joyful benefits of ´creating meaningful and joyful connection between horses and humans, utilizing art, movement, sound, connection, nature, contribution.


We offer ongoing weekly classes supported by sponsors donations and HSH mission.

Cost: Free of charge. 

Community Support call in. Donations and sponsorships appreciated to  support the local community, herd, arts and sanctuary.

Contact Us to Apply!

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