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Equine Gestalt Coaching

In EGCM the horse is an active partner in the coaching and healing process. Together, Horse and I, guide You through your experience to bring you to the answers and healing within You, that are outside of your current ability  to access and change. We help you to isolate the unfinished business that is causing you pain or blocking your path to success and happiness. Through experiential gestalt methodologies we assist you in clearing the energy and patterns that have been holding you back from you best self and bring back "wholeness" of self.

Horses help you achieve the life vision in your heart


Is EGCM coaching for Me?

No matter what life circumstance, change or trauma has deeply affected you, EGCM can help you move forward to achieve your goals and intentions for a fuller and happier life.  Horses eyes see deep within us, their hearts reach places within ours we have not found ourselves. Their mere touch and presence can heal us, making whole that which was fragmented, restoring that which was lost.  


Through the two years of training to become a certified EGCM coach, I discovered that which my horses were whispering.  A way to assist them in what they have desired to do all along - bring healing, insight and a deep connection to horse, spirit and self.

is for me?
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What life challenges can EGCM assist?


  • Discover your Life Vision

  • Joy, wellness & Peace

  • Heal trauma

  • Let go of limiting beliefs

  • Create positive patterns

  • Self love

  • Grief

  • Self awareness & empowerment

  • Life transitions

  • Divorce

  • Empty nest & retirement

  • Childhood trauma

  • Body image

  • Depression

  • Couples & family counseling

  • Conflict mediation

  • Career & personal goal development

  • Team building

  • Leadership 

  • Practical tools to move forward

  • Deepening connection with horse and self


What does a coaching session look like?

EGCM sessions take many forms, unique to each individual who experiences the process. Some prefer to have their sessions in private with horse and coach.  Others find groups, retreats and workshops empowering and connecting in a way never experienced before. In either setting, You will experience respect and safety in a nurturing and confidential environment.

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Resonance Ranch EGCM sessions

Ideally, EGCM sessions take place at Resonance Ranch with the horses. Most of the time we work with the horses in “Free Liberty”, connecting directly with the horses as they co-facilitate the unique and organic experience we share.

Phone Coaching with EGCM


EGCM phone sessions are powerful and effective as well. Using Skype we can live video, connecting with the horses and nature, bringing the healing energy and impact right into your own home.

At the ranch

Equine Gestalt Coaching

2 Hours

Book your EGCM Session at Resonance Ranch.


Phone Equine Gestalt

1 Hour

Book your phone or Skype EGCM Session.


Call or Tour

30 Minute

Receive your Free 30 minute  introduction call or tour.



EGCM  Common Questions

What do I wear? 

Come in close toed shoes and comfy clothes that you don't mind looking a little horsey by the end of your session.

Does EGCM involve riding?

It is rare that a client will be astride a horse during a session. Although it does happen occasionally, you would not be "riding" but on while the horse is held. Usually we meet with the horse in a Free Liberty setting, free to authentically interact with you under the supervision of your coach.

Is horse experience necessary? 

Absolutely not.

How long is a session?

Sessions last approximately 2 hours in length.

How does EGCM work? 

There is no easy or one answer to this question.  Each session is as unique as the individual involved.  What is similar is that EGCM is an effective and healing method designed to bring wholeness and awareness and productive change to your life. This is done through the creative gestalt process, facilitated with the expertise and healing abilities of horse, coach and, of course, your own inner wisdom.

For more information  about Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and the 2 year certification program please visit and read more about this revolutionary process and the renowned founder Melisa Pearce.

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