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Happy Horses Healing Hearts

The mission of the Happy Horse Sanctuary Certification Course is to spread The Whisper of  how and why horses innate healing abilities expand human consciousness. Learn and experience the power of The Herd to open human awareness and connection to Love, Joy, Trust and Peace.

Have you felt there is more you can do to support and empower Happy Horses meaningful purpose on the planet?  Join our special, empowered Herd  of 13 horses & their passionate facilitators on a transformative journey of intuitive, healing connection.  Build your competence and confidence in your ability to share the power of Happy Horses!

Next Dates

Level 1 Certification

Nov 20th - 25th

June 10th - 15th

Level 2 Certification

June 17th - 22nd

Level 3 Certification

June 24th - 29th

Level 4 Certification

July 1st - 6th


5 Night Certification $1850

1 Month Certification Journey

4 Levels

Jun 10th - July 6th



Through healing, awareness and educational experiences, learn what it takes to create the physical and intentional environment needed to support  Happy Horses natural gifts.

Focus on and witness the power of horse shamans on the human heart
 in the Free Liberty Relationship.  Embody the unconditional LoveJoy energy frequency of Happy Horses and how it calibrates humans.

Co-create a truly loving reciprocal relationship with one special horse who is recognized and encouraged to bring her wisdom and gifts to the humans who come to connect with meaningful intention and presence.
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This workshop is perfect for anyone intrigued with horses and wants to experience and understand how to connect with Horses in their natural environment and receive their healing gifts in awareness and form. 


Share a profound connection co-created with a group of horse loving souls that desire to truly empower Happy Horses.


Take your expanded heart and knowledge home to the horses in your life. Spread The Whisper of how Happy Horses Heal Hearts. Be the ripple of change in a new paradigm of the human - horse reciprocal relationship.



*5 nights lodging at Resonance Ranch casitas.

*2 daily vegetarian meals

*Horse Healing experiences in nature: water, moon, sound, art, movement, meditation


*Swimming with horses

*Intuitive Movement with H\horses

*The Whisper: a reframe of the historical human horse relationship.

* Four HSH relationships of horse.

* Four HSH energy connections.

*Happy Horse environment needs.

*Horse Energy (chakra) transmission points and intentional geometric alignments with humans.

*Horses spatial auric connections.

*Setting loving boundaries to create safe intimacy with horses.

*Horses' LoveJoy energy calibration on the heart.

*Collective power of Free Liberty herd dynamics & temperament.

*Animal heart communication.

*Horse & Human Trust building in partnership.

*Intentional Horse Presence Practice.

*Integration practices with journaling, art, land, meditation, water.

*Private one on one coaching call

*Group call

Optional Services:

*Limited availability, reservations required

  • Empowerment horseback ride

  • Equinetics Chakra Balancing

  • Massage in Nature

  • Morning Yoga with The Herd

Self guided Adventures:

Cemetery Island

River and waterfall exploring

Local chocolate factory and brewery

Beach out your doors!

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 21.13.31.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 21.13.31.png

More learning opportunities! 


Happy Horse Sanctuary Course 

Happy Horses Healing Hearts Workshop is the first level of a five-level course. An experiential course designed for humans who desire to spread Happy Horse Sanctuaries across the globe and horses' elevation of the human heart into joy, peace and love.

Whether you have your own horses or not, if you desire to connect and be with horses in a profound and healing way, each workshop progressively builds a solid understanding to expand your own unique healing path with horses.

HSH Essence-3762 (1)_edited.jpg

Certification Levels

Level 2

Compassionate Stewardship:

A deepening of heart healing with Horses.  Receiving and Giving in the reciprocal, healing, love relationship with The Herd.

Level 3

Compassionate  Leadership & Partnership:

Confidence in the 4 Horse Relationships. build a reciprocal relationship with a focus on Leadership & bareback Partnership.

 Level 4

Vision Creation:

Clarify Your Unique Path with Horses.  Importance of  herd  dynamics in sacred, safe space. Embody and Practice your vision.

Level 5

Share a Happy Horse Sanctuary

The HSH team comes to your Herd!  Integrate your unique vision and co-create your first Happy Horse Workshop. Be supported in holding sacred space with your special Herd.

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