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Healing energy exchanges with Horse

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Free Liberty, EquiEnergy, EquiTouch & Intuitive Movement

These energy exchanges are about BEing in the moment of Now with horse. As we quiet the mind and tune into the love and peace energy of horse, we connect intuitively and authentically, physically and energetically. As our hearts are touched, we activate our inner awareness of our body and emotions and connections to horse and self..​

Free Liberty is the most innate healing energy we can receive from horses. In my term, Free Liberty is when horses are allowed to join US in authentic freedom and experiencing their choosing to BE with us. And we are honored by their desire to give and connect so authentically with us. In their natural state of love, horses calibrate us to their LoveJoy vibration. Horses influence our vibration as individuals and collectively, as a herd, to align humans to their higher frequency of presence and love in the moment of now.

Free Liberty is an experience of acknowledging horses innate healing gifts and being open to receiving these abilities and impacts. It is one thing to believe and it is another to intentionally Ask to Receive the love horses desire to share. When we ASK, we magnify our ability to Receive that which horse freely and unconditionally gives, whether we are aware of it or not.


in EquiEnergy we shift our connection to Receiving and Giving. As we are filled and over flowing with love energy from horse, we consciously send this love energy back to horse. This creates a circular reciprocal flow of energy. Receiving in one hand and giving with the other, allowing this energy flow to expand between horse and human. This is powerful, it means we are in a truly reciprocal relationship.

As we calibrate to horses elevated love energy, we can feel the immensity of the Love and awareness they share with us. We feel the love connection flow back to them in a bond that is quickly felt and hard to explain. As our heart expands with the Love, Joy and Peace energy horses share with us, we reciprocate in return.


EquiTouch is an experience of giving back to horses in gratitude and appreciation for all that they so generously give and do for us. Our Intention shifts from Receiving to Giving. We focus our intentional attention to the eyes and expression of horse, the windows to their soul. We can see how our loving energy and physical touch effects them in return. As we lay our hands intuitively on horse to give physical and emotional love, we look for the signs of pleasure and joy we are creating through our touch. In addition to giving yummy delicious love to our ponies, we create a bond of mutual stewardship as well. We get to the know the feel of our horses bodies and are more likely to notice if something isn't quite right. This awareness helps us to better care for the needs of our horses. Through the development of this meaningful time to connect, our horses joyfully come to us, with a true appreciation for the loving care you share together, in the true Reciprocal Relationship of Horse.

Intuitive Movement

Once we have experienced these connections, we can expand into a deeper physical and spiritual connection through Intuitive Movement. This is an experience of quieting the mind, connecting to self and horse. Expand into trust and awareness of emotions, somatics and sensations within this safe nurturing environment with horse. As connection expands, awareness emerges of what your body needs. Authentically and intuitively you allow your body to move and stretch and BE with Horse in relaxation, peace and connection. As Horse assists the opening of your heart you can access places within that need to be released and stretched. This can be done on horseback or on the ground with Horse. Together, you co-create an organic experience with the supportive presence of horse and coach.

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