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Inspiration behind the Horse Healing Journey, 30 Day Experience. Love Needed, fear be gone!

I have experienced, over my 45 years of learning with horses, that horses are powerful Intention Teachers. I have witnessed the clarity and strength horses inspire in humans to intentionally pursue their visions and inner knowing simply by spending time with horses in an intentional way. When we enter a horses presence in honor and the specific intention of love, we magnify exponentially horse's ability to elevate our human energy vibration to love and peace and nowness. And when we humans are in the love vibration, All Things Are Possible!

When a human has a lesson in Intention, rest assured, horse is ready and desiring to assist in guiding us on a journey of self awareness and growth. My understanding of this truth is based in witnessing others, and experiencing myself, the magical effects that horses have on the human heart.

I knew upon landing in Costa Rica, full of dreams and plans for creating healing retreats with horses in beautiful Pura Vida Costa Rica, that horses would guide me and others surely and truly to them. At times I struggled with the immensity of the visions of healing and horses that lived within me, battling my fears and the unknowns and challenges of creating the vision horses placed in my hear. I Reminded myself to trust that I am simply horse's helper to bring their healing to humans. This knowing helped strengthen in my times of doubt and anxiety and to trust that all was unfolding in divine timing. When others wanted to tell me of all the pitfalls and problems and challenges I faced, I would remember that truly if I continued to act in faith and trust to being forth the horses healing vision all would be well.

Little did I know my life lesson in love and trust would lead me to diving deep into Fear first. It was the last thing I desired, but sometimes we have to face the fear in order to truly move through it and that which lies waiting for us the other side. As fear constantly circled the love desire that lived in my heart, it was no surprise that as fear gained in momentum, my love tank grew dry. I struggled with keeping the fear at bay and to stay if the vibration of love and trust and inspiration that lives within it.

I feared that I didnt know how to love myself much less feeling it for another. I feared that I would not have it from another. I feared I was alone in it all of it. How ironic that the thing I longed for most, love, was directly blocked by its opposite. Fear. How ironic that it wasn't my longing for love that inspired my experiencing it, but its opposite. Fear. Fear inspired my intentional seeking and feeling and experiencing the impact of being filled with the love vibration. Fear inspired inspired my intention for love, which thus inspired the immensity of relief in finding it. Relief from fear. Relief from anxiety. Relief from grief.

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