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How did I move through the fear? Simple! Simple, you say!

How did I did I move through the fear? Simple! Simple, you say! How can one thwart fear, simply! If I could bottle that and it'd be a gazillionaire over night! Yet Horses have and they inspire this ability within US! Free of charge! Unconditionally, no questions asked! Simply!

All we have to do is intentionally ask a horse and receive… and receive we do. We receive an alignment with horses elevated energy of love and peace. And as we align we recalibrate the vibration of fear recalibrating to the vibration of Love. We can FEEL the love and peace happening inside us in response. Simply, with the presence of horse in intention and willingness to receive. It's truly a “get out of fear” card!

So, why did I land in Costa Rica excited and full of dreams to then crash headlong into fear instead? Well, the same reason much of the rest of the world has at this epic time on the planet of massive upheaval and change and a swirling vortex of fear ready to gobble us up and spit out our bones. I saw it coming. I ducked my head and I said, nope not going there. Well you know that saying, ‘what you resists persists’, well sure was true for me. I was resisting fear, yet I was still afraid. Fear saw me squirming and came in for the kill, striking right for the heart where my love vision lived.

When fear for my family and beloved elders came crashing in on my reality all the way from the United States and into my peaceful little Costa Rica garden, I couldn’t stop the fear from grabbing hold. I desperately wanted to help those that could not help themselves and their devastated families too. And yet as much as I wanted to, and tried, my despair grew as I felt incapable of activating the change I saw was needed to bring safety and peace to those I feared for thousands of miles away in the US. It was this fear that instigated my seeking the answer of Love that truly lived in my heart, even in the midst of all of the awfulness I was witnessing from afar.

I knew my fear was halting my purpose, blocking my love, blocking my visions of peace and love. Fear was truly making me sick with worry and stress, as my fear ate away at me. My fear grew as my powerlessness did also. I knew that if i didn’t stop my intentional focus on what I feared, I would get swept away with it. It was my own intense need to escape the gripping fear that gave me the strength to look for away out. And it was this journey that led me to a miraculous break through into self love and acceptance, trust and love of other and experiencing love with a depth and inspiration I had not yet felt in my 53 years on earth. It was different than what I had felt before.

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