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Horses Transform Fear into Love

How did I do this? The only way I knew how. With and through Horse. I asked and I received Horse’s Unconditional Love. The effect was immediate! My fear lifted quickly and surely. I felt at peace even within the grief i still had. It was manageable in the perspective of love. I remembered my purpose of living and healing with horses. I became inspired to take action to live myself and honor my dreams and knowing. I ket go of the fear and loved though it. Letting go of needs and expectations, accepting what Is, as what is, with a knowing that love was the answer for bringing any positive change. Knowing I truly had the power to vibrate love and thus I had the power to support change through my love alone. Not through my fear based actions as I has been doing for weeks. How did this magic happen? Well let me try to explain…

Horses are full of unconditional and compassionate love. A happy healthy horse literally vibrates with love peace in the moment of now. I call it nowness. When we go to horse, our energy is automatically lifted higher as we desire the good vibes and energy of peace and love in our present moment. Even when we go to a horse completely distracted, full of our lower energies of anxiety and fear of what already happened and what might happen next, our lower energy vibration lifts and elevates to resonate with the higher love energy of horse.

This is why many people, just seeing a horse in a pasture or even on tv are magnetized and awed by horse's presence and beauty. We feel the power and peace and love. So you can imagine, when a human goes into their vibration of love energy with "intention" to elevate and receive horses grace and to be filled with their love and peace energy in the present moment, just how powerful our intention becomes. It truly is a magical and even miraculous effect. It was no big surprise horses would lead me further and deeper on my love journey here in Costa Rica.

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