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Why Costa Rica is so awesome list!

My Costa Rica Horse Healing Journey Many have asked why Costa Rica? Twenty five years ago I chose Costa Rica to adventure for the same reasons I have continued to return year after year... The reasons are many and I could, (maybe I will), write a book about why it’s so awesome. Here, I’ll keep it brief. So here's my “Why Costa Rica is so awesome list!”

  • Safe for traveling alone and with children

  • Friendly people with a “Pura Vida” philosophy

  • Affordability to visit and live

  • Horses with heart, talent and courage

  • Beauty abounds with amazing bio-diversity, eco-systems and wildlife

  • Volcanoes to rain forests to stunning beaches: Costa Rica is a wonderland for the Adventurer

  • Wonderful warm weather all the time

  • Societal Consciousness: universal health care and education

  • Environmental world leaders: dedication to green, clean energy and protecting nature

  • Secure without a military: Intentional ability to communicate & maintain Peace

  • Agricultural lifestyle is CR’s number one national resource

  • Fresh food produced for national sustainability

  • A land of small family entrepreneurs, where ‘Buy local’ has always been ‘the concept’ from fish to eggs to empanadas sold out of the kitchen

  • Where “it takes a village” is still true and lived by

  • A famous “Blue Zone” with the healthiest people on earth found right here in Cabuya village

  • A focus on family, community, faith and a simple life of abundance

  • Worldwide eclectic residents and visitors create a diverse culture

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