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Meaningful Purpose Immersions

 One Month Immersions offer an intentional deep dive into an experiential Journey with the Herd in expansion and love.

Create new powerful habits  and experience profound healing and transformation in beautiful Costa Rica. 

Diving Deep

Why 30 days? 

Deep meaningful connection with horses requires time TO BE together, to listen to their whisper and our own inner voice rising in response. To soak in the horse's energy of deep presence and unconditional love. All of this takes time, which we are trained to think we don't have, especially when it comes to giving it to ourselves. Here at Horse Spirit Healing we know what a month can achieve in an intentional dive into presence, healing and defining your vision. 30 days allows for new healthy patterns and insights to integrate into your lifestyle. You are worth your attention and focus to thrive.

Choose Your Focus

Current Offerings: 

Or Customize Your Own Immersion - You select the focus, healing goals, individual or group etc...Contact us to hear more about creating your very own immersion.

Spilling Sand
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Where you'll be staying...

Welcome to
Resonance Ranch

HSH Essence-3196.jpg
Located in Cabuya, a quaint, peaceful village nestled next to the ocean on the Nicoya Peninsula, considered one of the world's famous "blue zone's" due to it's powerful healing properties...

Enter the Horse Spirit Healing gates to step into a sacred land covered in green pastures, tropical foliage, fruit trees...Pick sun-warmed mango's on a walk. Hear the distant crash of the ocean during a fire ceremony. Embrace an abundance of space to be with yourself, to connect with and be held in nature. 

Home Away from Home...

Stay in one of our comfy ranch Casita's, shared with your fellow participants. A comfortable and cozy place to rest and integrate....

A safe, loving space for you to feel fully welcomed, supported by those walking the same path and aligned with similar goals.


Intentional Food

Shared meals, with quality, fresh ingredients and the intention allow the powers of nourishing, life-giving food to raise your vibration and energy field. In this higher energy, we are clearer, more focused and better able to create and manifest our visions with ease. 

Food is the medicine with which we can empower and heal ourselves, and participants are involved in this creative process of self-love and self-care. 

Meet The Team
Guides along the journey...

Our Ranch Family



Horse Teacher

Letitia began her life-long love affair with horse's at the age of 7, with her first pony trigger. Over 48 years of experience with horse's, Letitia has witnessed first-hand the profound healing magic that takes place between horse and human. She is founder of Horse Spirit Healing. Her vision is to create meaningful connection between horse's and humans. 



Vision Tender

Rio is a warm, compassionate soul who uses equine, mindful, intuitive movement and art therapy modalities to guide others in their journey of coming closer to their most aligned, joyful and empowered selves. She is a trusted friend and confidante to both horse and human.

277789959_1415311068917865_6443291757014273227_n (1).jpg


Den Mum

Pamela is a nurturing, inviting presence who welcomes you with a listening ear. She holds a safe and loving space at Resonance Ranch and assists in guiding the learning and creative process in the body wellness and awareness. She fosters the life skills and routines which nourish and uplift each individual. 



Horse Healer

Yvonne is a skilled and powerful Horse Osteopath and Energy Healer. She ensures the herd is happy and balanced. She extends her intuitive gifts towards humans as well and assists in the co-creation of energetic healing between horses' and humans. 

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A unique healing adventure in nature, powered by the magic of horse's.....

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