Uncover Your Meaningful Purpose

A One Month Horse Immersion

Cabuya Costa Rica

Empowered by the healing magic of horses...
Discover your inspired Joy!

It is common to feel lost or confused about what your gifts are and how to bring them to form 

What if a horse could show you the way...

What would happen if you spent an entire month immersed in a deep healing journey of reconnecting with your innate powers of wisdom and intuition, learning how to open your heart to deeper and meaningful connections with yourself and others…if you spent an entire month truly devoted to you


What if there was another way, another path to discover the answers, to uncover and craft a deeper meaningful purpose and vision for your life?

Take a deep dive into clarity, intention and intuition in a profound journey with a special horse in a tropical paradise. 

What is a
"Meaningful Purpose?"

A meaningful purpose is a vision for your life, a way of being, that brings you deep fulfillment and feels aligned with your true, authentic self...it gives you an an "ah yes.." feeling of relief of recognition and joy. It is not necessarily your career, although that may be involved. It is unique to your innate personality signature and soul gifts....

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A Horse Healing Journey...

Costa Rica Ranch Immersion? 

This Journey is designed to co-create a healing environment in which to provide the keys for discovering your meaningful purpose. Through emotional support, environmental stimulation, Equine Gestalt Coaching and therapeutic tools, our Horse Spirit Healing team (both 4 and 2 legged) assist in creating a Wholeness lifestyle of wellbeing and balance for those who are developing meaningfulness and intention in their lives.


The One-Month Journey of the Herd Immersion is as unique as each special individual who finds their path leading to the gate of Horse Spirit Healing in Cabuya, Costa Rica. Empowered by the unconditional love of a horse, you will redefine, renew and release your own meaningful vision for your life.


In an intentional leap into another reality, with a special healing herd of horses, you will immerse in a sacred natural paradise, looking deep within to discover your unique inspired vision. As horses open your heart, you will receive their intuitive messages and wisdom to help you on your path.  You will receive horses' natural, innate healing gifts that elevate your frequency and bring deep awareness and healing. You will learn Compassionate Partnership and how to listen and communicate intuitively, energetically and with defined intention. Experience the empowerment of understanding how to step up into gentle leadership with a Horse at your side that accepts you as partner and guide in this meaningful Journey with the Herd.

Who is This For?

This one month immersion is designed for those who may be at a crossroads in life, experiencing confusion on which direction to take, questioning their purpose, or simply feel a tugging or call towards uncovering and experiencing a deeper meaning in their lives. This time period can be an intense moment of discovering oneself and one's place in the world. There can be many outside pressures and voices telling us what we should do, and who we should be… We may end up feeling paralyzed with indecision or forced towards a path we don’t truly resonate with. 


Many are expected to know all the answers. While in reality, we may have never been exposed to or trained in some of the most vital keys to unlocking this answer from within. Each of us has a purpose and an inner calling, we benefit from being guided on our journey of uncovering this and making forward movement towards a life that brings us fulfillment, inner peace and joy. The Horse Spirit Healing immersion creates an intentional space devoted to healing and connecting with our inner wisdom through the unconditional connection of a Horses love. We arrive here through spending time in the pure love and presence energy of horses and participating in practices and habits to clarify vision and take positive action. 


Create a Life With Intention

Learn Practical and Powerful
Life Skills and Practices


Clarify & Manifest Your Vision
Heal with The Guidance of  Horses
Cultivate Inner Peace, Joy and Self-love

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Surrounded by the healing powers and beauty of nature...

on Resonance Ranch, acres of tropical field and pasture next to sea...

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Horse Magic 

What makes horse's so uniquely special and profoundly healing?


How do they help us uncover our meaningful purpose?


When you look in a horse's eye...

Eye contact is an important and deeply meaningful element in connecting with horses. When we approach or are approached by a horse, when we touch them or receive and exchange energy, we deeply exchange through looking intentionally into a horse's eye… Many of us have been taught the opposite - to avert our gaze, to look away or not directly. We may even experience discomfort when making eye contact with another… with seeing or being seen.


What do we see when we look into horses eye?


Presence, unconditional love, joy.....


We experience authentic connection with another, and a deep reflection of our truest nature. When we look into a horse's eye, within us begins to materialize our clearest vision, our most aligned purpose… reflected in the warm depths of these glowing portals of pure presence. We are grateful to have witnessed this profound magic and transformation take place here at Horse Spirit Healing, within ourselves, and the numerous guests who have come to the ranch... 

Read more about the horses and their healing abilities here 

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Immerse in a Holistic Healing Journey...


Why is one month important?

This one-month experience is designed to support the creation of healthy life-style habits and practices. Stepping out of the norm of your regular routine has the power to radically transform your perspective and approach to life. With a dedicated team and inspiring experiences of wellness and nourishment, 30 days will reset new healthy patterns and inspire motivation to continue the Journey of Meaningful Purpose.  Leave equipped with the awareness and tools to manifest your vision.

Step into a healing horse sanctuary, where we co-create a holistic experience to help you integrate on all levels, including who and what you are surrounded by and what you are putting in your body.  Enjoy each and every precious moment you spend during this month with the horses in Costa Rica, and allow it's magic to ripple out into the rest of your one, wonderful, intentionally created life...



  • Partnership with one special horse

  • Compassionate Partnership coaching

  • Equine Gestalt Coaching

  • Meditation with the Herd

  • Nature Shamanic Immersions in sea, river, jungle, earth, air, fire, sun, moon

  • Meaningful connection and intuitive awareness with horses

  • Learning to Listen and Whisper with Horses

  • Self reflection exercises

  • Horse back riding on beach and trails

  • Participating in monthly Horse Spirit Healing community programs

  • Stewardship of Horses

  • Connecting with the local community and sharing the Herd connection 

  • Creating your Vision and a path to it

  • Artistic creation 

  • Self connection through movement

  • Adventures in nature 

  • Healing with Horses to overcome limitations

  • Horse Heart Opening to Receive

  • Moon and Fire Ceremonies

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Leadership and Partnership skill building

  • Community Service outreach




  • Peace, Joy,  and Presence with Horses & humans

  • Competence and confidence with horses

  • Self awareness and appreciation

  • Decision making

  • Healthy emotional management 

  • Assertive communication skills

  • Focalized creative process

  • Clarification on vision 

  • Responsibility

  • Team work

  • Life skill building

  • Compassionate communication 

  • Community skill building

  • Stress release

  • Presence

  • Authentic connections

  • Meaningful Purpose

Located in Cabuya, a quaint, peaceful village nestled next to the ocean on the Nicoya Peninsula, considered one of the world's famous "blue zone's" due to it's powerful healing properties...

Enter the Horse Spirit Healing gates to step into a sacred land covered in green pastures, tropical foliage, fruit trees...Pick sun-warmed mango's on a walk. Hear the distant crash of the ocean during a fire ceremony. Embrace an abundance of space to be with yourself, to connect with and be held in nature. 

Home Away from Home...

Stay in one of our comfy ranch Casita's, shared with your fellow participants. A comfortable and cozy place to rest and integrate....

A safe, loving space for you to feel fully welcomed and have your needs met. Supported and surrounded by a family and sisterhood who are walking the same path and aligned with similar goals.


Nourishing and Intentional Food

Food is the medicine with which we can empower and heal ourselves, and participants are involved in and learn about this creative process of self-love and self-care.  With intention to allow the powers of nourishing, life-giving food to raise your vibration and energy field. In this higher energy, we are clearer, more focused and better able to create and manifest our visions with ease. 
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Welcome to Resonance Ranch

Daily Flow

What a day at Resonance Ranch looks like..

Our daily routine is based on a mindful and  wellness lifestyle, including exercises for mind, body and spirit.  We tune to the rhythm of the sun, starting each day with intention setting, movement and meditation, followed by stewardship and care of your special horse and a healthy meal. Immersed in paradise, explore profound relationships and connections with an intentional Herd of horses and humans. Through a committed daily Horse Journey, learn about family and group dynamics, community building and service, leadership and mentoring skills, and personal and community responsibility. Through sharing of art, nature, and movement experiences with horses and each other, stretch your ability to discover and empower your meaningful purpose. Through commitment to the adventure, face your fears and discover through awareness your talents and inspiration to move through blockages and limiting beliefs. Coaching in one on one and group guidance sessions are part of the month program; which is designed specially for each participant's needs and vision. 
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Meet The Team
Guides along the journey...

Our Ranch Family



Horse Teacher

Letitia began her life-long love affair with horse's at the age of 7, with her first pony trigger. Over 48 years of experience with horse's, Letitia has witnessed first-hand the profound healing magic that takes place between horse and human. She is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach and founder of Horse Spirit Healing. Her vision is to create meaningful connection between horse's and humans. 



Vision Tender

Rio is a warm, compassionate soul who uses equine, mindful, intuitive movement and art therapy modalities to guide others in their journey of coming closer to their most aligned, joyful and empowered selves. She is a trusted friend and confidante to both horse and human.

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Den Mum

Pamela is a nurturing, inviting presence who welcomes you into her arms, to cry on her shoulder and offer you a plate of cookies and a listening ear. She holds a safe and loving space at Resonance Ranch and assists in guiding the learning and creative process in the kitchen. She fosters the life skills and routines which nourish and uplift each individual. 



Horse Healer

Yvonne is a skilled and powerful Horse Osteopath and Energy Healer. She ensures the herd is happy and balanced. She extends her intuitive gifts towards humans as well and assists in the co-creation of energetic healing between horses' and humans. 


You Are Powerful

Many of us have been taught to silence our inner voices, to tuck our heads down and follow the crowd. 

Horse's teach us that we are powerful manifestors, that we are capable of unearthing our unique talents and gifts and bringing them forth to create our own inspired vision.


To love ourselves enough to live a life we love. 

To trust our inner wisdom*...

*Wisdom The Horse pictured below

We simply need to open ourselves up to receive...

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Dates: July 1st 2023 

Price:  $4,400

Included: One month  Immersion with the herd & accommodation.

This offering currently has 8 spaces available...to ensure a thorough and intentional experience for each individual.  

Create Your Own Experience

Contact us to hear about our customizable Immersion and Retreat journey's...

Every person that walks through Horse-Spirit Healing is unique and individual, and we want you to get the absolute most out of your time with the horse's. Therefore, we offers customizable options for retreats and immersions to intentionally suit your personal vision, needs and desires.


Who is Joining? 

Individual, Group, Family or Couple packages.

How much time?

1 day, 2 weeks, 1 month etc...

What are you seeking? 

Emotional healing, relationship, awareness, presence, adventure, spiritual growth, career, transition, deep reset, nature immersion, etc..


The canvas is yours upon which to dream up and create whatever it is you desire. Craft your intention, we'll create the framework and environment for the horse's to do their magic...