Horse Spirit Healing

Gentle, talented and intuitive horses help you achieve your visions and a path to manifest them. Learn to whisper and communicate with horses in their own language.

 Ride with balance, confidence and compassion as you adventure beautiful country.

Receive a horses gift of opening your heart and inner awareness to the answers you seek.


To your own dream of being with horse...​

Come explore the magical and empowering world of Horse!

Our Mission is to create meaningful and joyful connection between horses and humans.

Receive 8 simple steps to shift from fear & worry to love & trust with the power of Horse Spirit Healing.
Vermont Herd Beautiful Horses
Beach Horseback Riding Sunny Paradise

Are you feeling the call of horse?

Book a Free introduction call with Letitia and expand your vision!

What people say

Daria Wiecka

"I 've had privilege to spend 2 days with Letitia and her 6 beautiful horses. It's difficult to describe  in words this experience, u would have to just give a go and go there yourself. Everything is about energy... Read more...

Gloriana Alvarado

"My husband and I took the Farm and Beach tour at Horse Spirit Healing in Montezuma. Letitia and her team offered a very different experience, where we explored a completely new relationship... Read more...

Jennifer McLennan

"Myself and my four children have had the privilege of attending two of Resonance Ranch's Cabuya Kids programs. It has been a truly beautiful experience to observe my children interacting... Read more...

Meet the Costa Rica Herd
Horsebak Riding at Beach Sunset


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*A Happy Horse is one whose needs for care and love and respect are met. Whose stewards care

deeply and  provide a nurturing, natural and safe environment to live and share.

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Horse Spirit Healing, Resonance Ranch, Cabuya Beach, Costa Rica.

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