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The Horse Spirit Healing mission is to create meaningful and joyful connections between horses and humans.


Welcome to Resonance Ranch, a healing Sanctuary where horses are empowered to share their innate gifts to uplift and heal the human heart. Here in sacred space for both humans and horses, you discover healing, joy, adventure and deep intuitive connection that is life transforming.

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Equine Gestalt Coaching

Receive 8 simple steps to shift from fear & worry to love & trust with the power of Horse Spirit Healing.

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Tim C
A True Blessing

May 2022

I am a believer that Leticia and her herd can help a person achieve whatever it is that they are seeking, and I do not say this lightly! I arrived figuratively at Leticia's doorstep in the darkest and most devastating moment of my life. In our first session, Leticia was able to stop my fall, and from that point forward I've been steadily climbing and evolving toward my highest self and goals. I am and will always be grateful to her, and any person who has the opportunity to work with a person this gifted is incredibly fortunate.

Healing Horses

March 2023

Coming here, I thought I was fulfilling a long-time dream of experiencing Costa Rica by way of the horse.  I found more than I imagined through experiencing the equine connection at a whole new level; deep relaxation, spaciousness, union, softness, love and trust.  I realised it was possible to be intimately close to the horse without invading each other’s spaces.  I feel honoured and eternally grateful to have been a part of this herd. 

Deep & Healing

July 2023

It is impossible to describe the experience I had, because it was so deep and healing that I am still integrating it today.  Letitia completely changed my perception of horses.  Her guide did what I could open up to receive the medicine from those of this sacred animal.  I am grateful for this beautiful experience.  Thank you Letitia.


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Horse Spirit Healing Cabuya Beach, Costa Rica.

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