Horse Adventure GetAways 

All Horse Experiences are customized to create an unforgettable adventure with the special horses of Resonance Ranch and their steward. Letitia Watson. Letitia is a 30 year equestrian professional, certified Equine Gestalt Coach, trainer in Compassionate Horsemanship and licensed riding instructor. Letitia and her amazing herd of horses bring adventure, awareness and practical tools to move forward in a meaningful and joyful way.  Immerse in the nurturing and supportive environment of Resonance Ranch and a Horse's Healing Journey in the beautiful nature of the Nicoya Peninsula "Blue Zone". Through connection with self, horse and nature, you emerge inspired. 


2 night Horse Experience Getaways Include: 
  • 2 Half day experiences of fun, adventure & connection with amazing horses 

  • Horse nature rides & experiences (beach jungle, farm, sunsets, sunrises, full moon) 

  • Compassionate Horsemanship learning

  • Equine Gestalt Coaching (depending on ‘Getaway’ chosen)

  • EquiTouch

  • EquiEnergy

  • Double occupancy Room

  • Breakfast 

  • “Down Time" for surf, sand and pool

  • Minimum 2 people. Inquire for Private Pricing.


Optional Services:
  • Intuitive Equinetic massage amidst the horses

  • Additional private/group Equine Gestalt Coaching session with horses

  • Equine Gestalt Phone Coaching session

  • Additional Riding Lessons or Horsemanship sessions

  • Private shuttle transportation from most areas of Costa Rica 

  • Lots of tours. Tell us your desire!

  • Extra night lodging 

  • Yoga

To share horse healing we are offering lower prices during these challenging times.

Lodging Options

For your stay we recommend Calala Lodge or Star Mountain. On our Links and References page you will find details of these and other establishments. However, the closest hotel to Resonance Ranch is Calala Lodge, as it is less than a 5 minute walk away. Any other lodging option will require the use of a vehicle or some other type of transportation to get here.


Calala Lodge is a quaint beachside lodge just steps away from Resonance Ranch. Simple and comfortable amidst a seaside garden, it offers individual cabañas with two beds and a porch area to relax and rejuvenate in the tropical paradise around you. Soak in the warm sea, enjoy a hammock under the palm trees, refresh in the pool side restaurant during your free time to relax and inspire! Learn more about Calala Lodge and the Nicoya Peninsula "Blue Zone" on our Resources page.


Yummy local dishes are created from the abundant local fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood.  A variety of daily options are available, including vegan and gluten free dishes. Coffee, tea, (cold and hot), mint and lemon water are always available and refreshing.


Choose your adventure

Adventure Getaways

Cowboy Experience Getaway


Have you dreamed of whispering and listening with horses? To adventure on horseback through beautiful vistas with confidence and intention with your steadfast, four-legged friend? You see things differently through a horse's gentle authentic eye, inspired and touched by the power and grace and unconditional love of one special horse.


If this sounds like a dream come true, Horse has called you to an adventure of immersing in the Cowboy Life of a Happy Horse*! Experience the realities and rewards of a reciprocal relationship with a Horse's Heart. Learn the Compassionate Horsemanship Way and the three horse relationships: Free Liberty, Leadership and Stewardship. and how they affect your "real life". Ride with confidence, balance and gentleness with Trainer and Equine Gestalt Coach, Letitia Watson and her incredible herd. Immerse in a beautiful 400 acre Resonance Ranch, where your horse's needs come first and your own heart is filled with care. This co-created adventure will inspire and empower. 


2 nights  $325 per person (minimum 2 people)

Ride, Relax, Rejuvenate Getaway


Start your getaway connecting with sweet and gentle horses experiencing EquiEnergy and EquiTouch. Learn to understand and appreciate your talented horse and ride with confidence and balance on an adventure horseback ride through the beautiful Costa Rica countryside.. 


The next day relax and rejuvenate with a nourishing Intuitive Equinetics massage amidst the gentle horses, that not only works the kinks out of your body, but energizes and balances you body, mind and spirit. Receive a unique message from horse wisdom that deepens your connection to self and horse. Return home relaxed and inspired with memories to last a lifetime!


2 nights  $325 per person (minimum 2 people)

Healing Getaways

Horses are "intention teachers”. Horses help humans clarify intention and our focus on it. Happy Horses innately live in Peace within the Moment of Now. Horses don't worry about the past or the future or the what-if's or should-haves or the regrets and the worries.  Horses assist us humans in "letting go", feeling at peace and facing our challenges with clarity, confidence and intention. And when the Moment of Now combines with Intention, great ideas, inspiration and awareness come to the forefront.  Together you co-create a unique Horse Experience of empowerment, adventure, connection and fun with family and friends. 


2 nights  $325 per person (minimum 2 people)

Family/Team Connection Getaway 


Bring your family or team together in an unforgettable horse adventure designed to foster collaboration, connection and appreciation with the special horses of Resonance Ranch. Experience fun, meaning and empowering Horse Experiences in the saddle and on the ground, in the beautiful nature of the "Blue Zone" of the Nicoya Peninsula. 


Horses teach about "being a member of the herd", bringing meaning and understanding to family and team dynamics, creating an appreciation of the unique gifts and temperaments of each person and 

horse.  This fun and empowering Horse Journey Adventure is designed to positively impact your unique family or team through the building of trust with horses in Free Liberty, Stewardship and Leadership.

Activate Your Heart Vision Getaway


What is your Vision life? What would your life creation be, if you believed that anything is possible? Many struggle with knowing what their Heart Vision even is. And most are daunted by the ‘how to’s’ and ‘what ifs’ and ‘I’m not good enoughs’ spinning in their heads and echoed to them by others.

Horses are Intention Teachers with the innate gift of sharing love…. opening your heart... bringing awareness….. activating healing…. clarifying your Intention and inspiring action.  When you begin a journey of awareness with profound Intention, miracles can happen! Move forward through the blockages, “let go” of patterns, limiting beliefs and traumas to step boldly forward into manifesting the vision of your heart. And yes, horse inspires all of this, through the powerful connection and unconditional love you share. 

2 nights  $325 per person (minimum 2 people)

Face Your Fear & Activate Joy Getaway


Has fear held you back from fully living your dreams?  Do you feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward or even what to move forward into? Has trauma, stress, grief or limiting beliefs about yourself kept you from living life to the fullest? Through the meaningful and unconditional love of a healing horse and powerful, effective Equine Gestalt Coaching, you will experience awareness, release, healing and the tools to move through the fear and forward in life.


As you connect deeply with yourself and powerful horse wisdom, you will find your answers deep within your own heart, a heart opened by the unconditional and compassionate love of a horse that chose You.  The Equine Gestalt Method recognizes the wholeness of each of us. However, many have patterns and limiting beliefs that hold one back from Joy and Purpose. The answers to your own healing may be within you, but they lie outside of awareness. As Horse opens your heart, healing happens, awareness deepens and those things that no longer serve are released - making room for and a path to the joy and peace and inspiration you seek to manifest. 


2 nights  $325 per person (minimum 2 people)

Unconditional Horse Love Getaway


Through Love, All Things Are Possible… Horses have the amazing ability to love humans unconditionally and immediately! This is one of the most incredible gifts that Horse offers each of us, anytime we ask to receive and even if we don't ask! How many of us humans can say that we do the same for another fellow human? We all long for authentic unconditional love: to feel it, receive it and give it in return. To be accepted for our true and authentic selves, seen and unconditionally loved in our wholeness. . Feel the peace, joy and connection with these powerful ‘love beings’ as you experience the unconditional love of a horse who chooses freely to give. 


As you are filled with love, so you are able to give, building an empowering reciprocal relationship that expands and opens the heart. If your heart is moved by the possibility of such a horse spirit connection, please accept this invitation to Resonance Ranch to share love with an amazing healing herd of horses while immersed in the beauty of nature. 

2 nights  $325 per person (minimum 2 people)