Ranch Immersive Experiences



Horse Spirit Healing offers a variety of custom and group experiences designed to dive deep into your connection with horses and yourself. Intentionally step into a different reality to allow yourself the time and environment to look at your challenges and goals and visions from a different perspective. You will be astonished at the wisdom and awareness and action inspired by the profound and intentional relationship created with horse and compassionate and supportive community of intentional Horse healing-.

Journey of the Herd Vision Quest
1 Month Immersion

The One-Month Journey of the Herd Vision Quest is as unique as each special individual who finds their path leading to the gate of Horse Spirit Healing in Cabuya, Costa Rica. Empowered by the unconditional love journey with horses, redefine, renew and release your unique meaningful Vision of LoveJoy. In an intentional leap into another reality with a special healing herd of horses, immerse in a sacred natural paradise and look deep within to discover your unique inspired Intention that is calling you to action.  As the Herd opens your heart,  receive the wisdom path of your heart surely guiding you to the inspired Vision that burns within.



Learn Compassionate Horsemanship and how to listen and communicate intuitively, energetically and with body language and intention. Experience Receiving horses' natural, innate healing gifts that elevate your frequency, open your heart, bring awareness and healing and allow you to release and expand through the empowerment of horses. Build connection, confidence and competence with a special Herd who will empower and expand.

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7 Night

Horse Vision Quest Retreat


Feel the readiness within, a desire to clarify and create the Joy Vision in your Heart and expand into meaningful  purpose, joy and trust. Now is the time...

In these challenging times on the planet, one can still truly get away from it all, to pause, reflect and create authentic intention.  Sometimes the best way to see the big picture is to step out and look back in from a completely different perspective. Experience the Power of your Intention through the healing connection with intuitive horses who activate awareness of your own inner knowing. Immerse in a sacred land and the manifestation power of the horses, moon, land and intention. Release that which needs to be let go of and Receive your unique Joy Vision within.


Devote this time of self care to focus on AUTHENTIC YOU, clarify your vision and an intentional path to follow it. A week of adventure to laugh, connect, heal and create intention - can change your life! Together, we Get Real, Cowgirl Up and share a meaningful horse journey of a life time! Why not now, what are you waiting for!

Visit the 7 Night Vision Journey retreat page for more details.

2 or 4 night
Ranch Getaways 

Experience a meaningful Journey with healing horses in paradise. Immerse with a peaceful and supportive Herd on a stunning natural ranch next to the Sea. Every Ranch experience is designed to create your co-creative and joyful connection with horses. We offer several Ranch Getaway themes to choose from and we can also customize the perfect horse adventure for your unique group or family 

 2 or 4 Night Ranch Getaway includes 
  • Cow Girl Casa ranch guest house. Double occupancy Room (Minimum 2 people. Inquire for Private Pricing). See description below.

  • 2 Night Getaway is a Private Party 2 hour Meet the Herd in a meditation and connection experience and a 4 hour half day Ranch experience of fun, adventure & connection with the amazing Herd-

  • 4 Night doubles your fun! Includes two "2 hour Horse Experiences and two 4 hour half day experiences.

  • Immersion into the beautiful sacred land of the seaside ranch

      2 Night Ranch Getaway $550 pp (min 2 pp)

      4 Night Ranch Getaway $950 pp (min 2 pp)

Welcome to Resonance Ranch Lodging 

We welcome you to Cowgirl Casa, a comfortable and spacious 2 bedroom one bath guest house private and secure on the vast Resonance Ranch.  Just steps from the sea, our comfortable casa is immersed in nature, surrounded by pastures and a private garden. Watch the horses and cows grazing and the abundant wildlife all around, listen to the surf and howler monkeys. An equipped kitchen is available for your comfort and convenience.  Enjoy a hammock on your veranda where you can hear and smell the sea and glimpse the glimmer through the garden  trees.  Callala Lodge is right across the street with a full service beachside, poolside restaurant and bar to enjoy.  Soak in the warm sea or pool, relax under the palm trees, refresh in the pool side restaurant during your free time to relax and inspire!  If you prefer a cabana at beachside Callala Lodge, please inquire for pricing.

Dining and more

There are approximately seven restaurants within walking distance of Cowgirl Casa. Yummy local dishes are created from the abundant local fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood.  A variety of daily options are available, including vegan and gluten free dishes. Learn more about Callala Lodge and the Nicoya Peninsula "Blue Zone" on our Resources page Links and References page you will find details of other area establishments.

Optional Services:
  • Equinetic Horse Healing Session amidst the horses

  • Need even more horse time! make  a full day of horses, ad on a 2 hour or 1/2 day horse experience

  • Equine Gestalt follow up phone coaching sessions

  • Guided waterfall hike

  • Private shuttle transportation from most areas of Costa Rica 

  • Lots of tours. Tell us your desire!

  • Cant get enough! Ad an extra night lodging 

  • Yoga, art and movement experiences with the Herd

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Cowgirl Journey

Have you dreamed of whispering and listening with horses?  Learn how horses heal and experience the profound connection with the Herd and one special horse that captures your heart. Understand Herd dynamics and how using their language and Compassionate Horsemanship to step into leadership and partnership.  Build connection, confidence and competence receiving and partnering with Horses in a variety of trust, healing and competence experiences,  focusing on  relationship building vs. riding.


Horse has called you to an adventure of immersing in the Cowgirl life of a happy horse! Experience the realities and rewards of a reciprocal relationship with a Horse's Heart. Share the three horse relationships: Free Liberty, Leadership and Stewardship. and how they affect your "real life" with and without horses. Immerse in the beautiful 400 acre Resonance Ranch, where your horse's needs come first and your own heart is filled with care. This co-created adventure will inspire and empower. 


Vision Quest Journey

Are you redefining and expanding the Vision of your heart? What would your life of meaning be, if you believed that everything is possible? Many struggle with knowing what a Heart Vision even is, daunted by the ‘how tos’ and ‘what ifs’ and ‘I’m not good enoughs’ spinning in their heads and echoed by others.

Horses are not plagued by these human conditions and vibrate a peace and LoveJoy that assists our own vibration elevation into the wisdom of our hearts. Horses are Intention Teachers with the innate gift of sharing unconditional love. An open heart brings awareness, activates healing, clarifies  Intention and inspires action.  When you begin a journey of awareness with profound Intention, miracles can happen! Move forward through the blockages, “let go” of patterns, limiting beliefs and traumas to step boldly forward into manifesting the vision of your heart. And yes, horse inspires all of this, through the powerful connection and unconditional love you share. 

Discover the Joy Vision within and the courage and support to step forward on your path to manifesting it. Includes Equine Gestalt coaching, empowerment riding with a special horse and meditation with the Herd.

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Love Joy Journey: Activate Self Love

The answer to our fears and limitations is Love and the courage to believe that we are worthy of Receiving the expansiveness of Love within. This profound message from horses comes in the purest form of their gift of true unconditional love. The undeniable love of horse activates a profound connection to divine spirit within and with the outer planet.


Through Love, All Things Are Possible! When we ask to receive we activate an energetic pathway to the very love Horses are sending straight into our eyes and deep into our souls- It will happen even if you don't ask! But there is a power in our believing that we are worthy to ask for the pure gift horses offer of presence, intention, attention and grace of pure love. How many of us humans can say that we do the same for our fellow humans? We all long for authentic unconditional love: to feel it, receive it and give it in return. To be accepted for our true and authentic selves, seen and unconditionally loved in our wholeness. Experience the peace, joy and connection with these powerful ‘Love Being Shamans’  who choose freely to give. 


As you are filled with love, so you are able to give, building an empowering reciprocal relationship that expands and opens the heart as you share love with an amazing healing herd of horses while immersed in the beauty of nature. 


Includes Equine Gestalt coaching, empowerment riding with a special horse, intuitive movement and meditation with the Herd.

Word of the Herd Journey: Face Fear, Activate Trust

Has fear held you back from fully living your dreams?  Do you feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward or even what to move forward into? Has trauma, stress, grief or limiting beliefs about yourself, others or the world kept you from living life to the fullest? Through the meaningful and unconditional love of a healing horse and powerful, effective Equine Gestalt Coaching, you will experience awareness, release, healing and the tools to move through the fear and forward into a life of inspiration and joy.


As you connect deeply with yourself and powerful horse wisdom, you will find your answers deep within your own heart, opened by the unconditional and compassionate love of a horse that chose You.  The Equine Gestalt Method recognizes the wholeness of each of us. The answers to your own healing may be within you, but may lie outside of awareness. As  awareness deepens and beliefs and patterns that no longer serve are released, create space for the trust, joy and peace to manifest.  Includes Equine Gestalt coaching, empowerment riding with a special horse, intuitive movement and meditation with the Herd.


Journey of Horse: Custom Theme

Have your own Unique Vision of Horse and how you would like to learn, experience and immerse in nature and horse? We are happy to customize a Horse Journey that blends the horse experiences we offer to nourish your heart and spirit. As you connect deeply with yourself and powerful horse wisdom, you will find your answers deep within your own heart, opened by the unconditional and compassionate love of a horse that chose You for a meaningful love affair with the Herd.


This getaway can be a mix and match of the 2 and half day experiences we offer at Horse Spirit Healing. Whether your theme is Joy, Healing, Communication, Opening to Receive, Letting go of Fear, Heart Connection with Horse and Self, we are happy to customize your unique vision of the heart. 


Empowerment Journey: Partnership and Leadership


This getaway is great for couples, families and teams. An unforgettable horse adventure of connection and compassionate partnership with each other and the special horses of Horse Spirit Healing. Horses teach about "being a member of the herd", bringing meaning and understanding to herd, family and team dynamics. Gain appreciation and understanding for the unique gifts and temperaments of each person and horse. Experience the energetic and intuitive language of horses and how it heightens your own awareness of inner and outer communication through body, mind and spirit.  This empowering Horse Journey is designed to positively impact your unique family or team through the building of trust, communication and connection in Free Liberty, Stewardship and Leadership.

Horses are "intention teachers” and help humans clarify intention and to bring our focus to it. Horses inspire humans in "letting go of the mind chatter" and feeling at peace with facing challenges with clarity, confidence and intention.  Getaway includes Equine Gestalt coaching, empowerment riding with a special horse, Compassionate Horsemanship Leadership, intuitive movement and meditation with the Herd.


Journey of the Herd Apprenticeship
3 Month Immersion 2022 

Contact Letitia for more information