Horse Healing Experiences


Horses' healing ability is an innate gift Horses want to give to humans.  It is the unconditional gift of love that draws people to spend time with these amazing Love Beings. It's not just to ride and play with Horses, but because there is something about simply being near them that brings us to a state of peace and joy and expansion. Within every Horse Healing Experiences, you share a unique connection to body, heart, mind and spirit with the special horses that genuinely reach out to touch you deep within.


To share horse healing we are offering lower prices during these challenging times.


Equine Gestalt Coaching 


    2 hour Horse Session $111 

    1 hour phone or Skype Session $50


Join Letitia Watson, certified Equine Gestalt Coach, and her special herd of healing horses of Resonance Ranch in Cabuya Costa Rica.


These impactful coaching sessions provoke awareness, healing, release, and practical tools and support to move forward in wholeness and wellness. Each coaching session is organic and unique to each individual. As you connect within sacred and confidential space with Letitia’s intuitive and impactful herd, you are seen, witnessed, and assisted in discovering your own answers that lie within.


Whether you are seeking more joy, peace, inspiration, self-love, or recovery from trauma, grief, limiting beliefs, or other life challenges - Equine Gestalt is effective and empowering. Letitia and the herd assist you in taking the inspired steps to effective growth, healing, and realizing your goals and visions. Learn more about EGC here-->


Intuitive Equinetics Massage & Chakra Balancing


  2 hour (1½ massage)  $111 per person


Feel the horse's peaceful presence around you as you soak up the nourishing self-care you deserve in healing and rejuvenating Equinetics Massage surrounded by nature. A Happy Horse lives in Peace and Joy in the Moment of Now. Their peaceful vibration energy elevates our own energy vibration in response, creating a shift out of our human fears, worries, and stress and into peace and joy. Horses hold this sacred nurturing space and may even add their own gentle healing physical touch to this unique, intuitive, and rejuvenating massage experience. Feel the shift and clearing as chakras balance, clearing the pathways of Love and Joy. The massage may be as deep as is desired, combining soothing pleasure and healing stretches from head to toe. Receive a Horse Spirit Wisdom message as you experience Horse Spirit Healing within you and around you.  

Horse Spirit Meditation


      1½  hour shared experience $35 per person (minimum 2 people)

      1½  hour private $55 per person (minimum 2 people)

      1½  hour individual experience $70

Experience soaking in the healing energy of horses under the sacred trees of Resonance Ranch. Ask and you shall receive the healing unconditional love from a Happy Horse. Connect with special horses who desire to share their energy of Peace, Joy, and Love in their own natural environment in Free Liberty. Horses may get up close and personal as you receive their free unconditional connection with you.  Experience an expansion of breath, gratitude, love, and the vision of your heart in this guided meditation that also allows for the quietness of horse and nature and your own heart to impact body, mind, and spirit in the Moment of Now.


EquiEnergy, EquiTouch & Intuitive Movement


     1½  hour shared experience $35 per person (minimum 2 people)

     1½  hour private $55 per person (minimum 2 people)

     1½  hour individual experience $70


 In Free Liberty with the herd connect intuitively and authentically, physically and energetically with a special healing Horse. Experience how to listen and observe and feel into your body and emotions as you share with these powerful love beings, we call Horse. we intentionally ask to receive the love horses desire to share. When we ask, we magnify our ability to receive that which horse freely gives us.


In EquiEnergy we shift the energy to a reciprocal exchange. We continue to Receive and also intentionally send love back to horse. We can feel the immensity of the Love they unconditionally give and feel the love connection flow through and back to them in a bond that is quickly felt and hard to explain.  


Through EquiTouch experience how to give back to a special horse with intentional touch of appreciation and gratitude. Bring pleasure and joy to your horse through your intuitive touch. There is a holistic goodness and connection felt and experienced in this meaningful exchange created with these powerful Love Beings called hose. 


Deepen intuitive movement connection to self and horse as you stretch with horse, supported by his powerful strength and grounding energy. Expand into trust and awareness as you focus on your body, somatic sensations and emotions within this safe nurturing environment. Allow empowerment and trust to guide your letting go and releasing - body, mind and spirit. 


This unique co-created journey with a special horse is facilitated by certified EGC coach, instructor, trainer and lifelong equestrian professional, Letitia Watson. Learn more about EquiTouch, EquiEnergy & Intuitive Movement here -->

7 Night Joy Full Moon Vision Retreat


Share In a life changing horse journey of fun, adventure and connection with self and other like minded adventurers desiring to connect and grow! This unique experience with horse will increase your practical, physical, mental and emotional life skills and confidence.  Hearts open through deep connection with special horses, each other and nature. On this unforgettable Costa Rica adventure emerge a fledgling cowgirl/boy - empowered, confident, and inspired by the touch of a horse's heart and the relationships of trust created with the adventures you share together!

Click here for more --> 

Healing Getaways


Letitia and her special herd of horses bring adventure, awareness and practical tools to move forward in a meaningful and joyful way.  Immerse in the nurturing and supportive environment of Resonance Ranch and a healing journey with horse immersed in the beautiful nature of the Nicoya Peninsula "Blue Zone". Check out our Healing Getaways here -->