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2 hour (1½ massage)


Feel the horses peaceful presence around you as you soak up the nourishing self care you deserve in a healing and rejuvenating Equinetics Massage surrounded by nature. A Happy Horse lives in Peace and Joy in the Moment of Now. Their peaceful vibration energy elevates our own energy vibration in response, creating a shift out of our human fears, worries and stress and into peace and joy. Horses hold this sacred nurturing space and may even add his own gentle healing physical touch to this unique, intuitive and rejuvenative massage experience. Feel the shift and clearing as chakras balance, clearing the pathways of Love and Joy. The massage may be as deep as is desired, combining soothing pleasure and healing stretch from head to toe. Receive a Horse Spirit Wisdom message as you experience Horse Spirit Healing within you and around you.  

Intuitive Equinetics Massage & Chakra Balancing

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$185.00 Regular Price
$111.00Sale Price
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