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Touched By A Horse

Melisa Pearce, of Touched By A Horse, developed The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method, a method that is scientifically and statistically proven to be effective and beneficial. Melisa Pearce, is a core founder since 1989 of the horse-human healing movement. An accomplished horsewoman and renowned psychotherapist she and her EGCM certified graduates assist Horses and humans healing.

Please learn more at

Nicoya Península

Nicoya Penisula of Costa Rica is known as one of the "Blue Zones" of the world, known to have the healthiest, happiest long lived people!  Boasting magnificent landscape with varied beaches and amazing wildlife and friendly people, if you haven't yet been to Costa Rico, what are you waiting for!! Learn more at

Blue Zone Link:

Montezuma and Cabuya Link:

The Priestess Path

The Priestess Path Apprenticeship left me longing for more. After completing the first 9 month program, I opted for a second year of study with Alisa Starkweather. A woman who has devoted her life to the empowerment of women. She fanned the flames smoldering within me, to do the same.  This experiential program exposes one to many healing modalities and assists in a setting of deep, sacred community.

Learn more at

Shamanic Apprenticeship

Having completed the Shamanic Apprenticeship of Shaman Ann Sousa, my appreciation and understanding deepened by the connection we all share with Spirit, Mother Earth and our Ancestors.  All are available to assist us in our unique and individual and collective life journey.  Learn more at 

Sara Elena

Ready to move to Costa Rica? Coach and friend Sara Elena can help answer those questions that are holding you back and guide you on your way to relocating in paradise at

Bog Hill Art Photography

Thank you to Robin at Bog Hill Art Photography for many beautiful photos that capture our mission.  Please visit her website where she has much of her art and photography on display and for sale at

We work with many wonderful lodging establishments to meet the desires of our eclectic guests:

Resonance Ranch Lodging

Stay right on the Ranch in our spacious 2 bedroom guest home. Just steps away from the sea it is surrounded by ranch land and a private garden. Horses and cows and the glimmer of sea are visible from your large patio. Sewing in a hammock as you listen and smell the ocean. Enjoy the serenity and peace of the Ranch-

Callala Lodge

Callala Lodge A quaint beachside lodge set in a seaside garden with pool and full restaurant is just steps away from Resonance Ranch. Spacious cabinas have two beds and a porch area to relax and soak of the views.

Cabuya Lodge

Cabuya Lodge A lodge with well equipped cabinas, some with full kitchens that can sleep up to 4 guests. Relax at the yoga pavilion and pool and a short walking distance to the village center and sea.


Star Mountain

Star Mountain is set in a tropical jungle 2 kilometers from the stunning Mal Pais beaches. Near the happening town of Santa Teresa it is a private oasis of it’s own. Enjoy the garden pool, yoga pavilion, breakfast, spacious rooms, or a family cabina.

Fito's House

Fito's House. This hotel is perfect for families or groups looking to rent the whole place. Eight air conditioned rooms, lounge with pool and outdoor kitchen make this option comfortable and convenient. Located behind a local Tico restaurant and the village store in the center of town.

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