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Deepen your connection with nature, self and others

Heal relationship wounds, open your heart, and receive
the unconditional love of horses.


Immerse in a 7 or 5 night retreat at 
Horse Spirit Healing, a magical horse sanctuary next to the sea in Costa Rica...

Awareness expands with a horse at your Side...... 


Share a horse adventure of fun, meaning and authenticity with a special horse and other like minded horse lovers desiring to connect and expand! On this unforgettable Costa Rica Horse Healing Journey, emerge a fledgling cowgirl/boy - empowered, confident, and inspired by the touch of a horse's heart and the trust created in the adventures we share.

Whether you are new to horses or an experienced cowgirl, you will experience a depth of connection and awareness with horses, nature and each other that will fill your heart and spirit. With Compassionate Horsemanship and Equine Gestalt, you experience horses gifts of unconditional love and expansive connection. Immerse in the beauty of Costa Rica's healing properties of earth, air and sea with a special horse at your side and experience a timeless connection and a new perspective. As the moon rises out of a glowing sea, inspire and activate your Joy Vision and begin the journey to its manifestation.


Through powerful shared Intention, laughter, friendship, growth and inspiration; we launch the Joy Vision that lives in our hearts! Come to Resonance Ranch and create an exciting and unique Horse Spirit Healing Journey to nourish your body, mind and spirit!




Immerse in the rich beauty of nature and wildlife on a rustic 'old country" farm, where tropical jungle and sea meet pasture. Does a tropical paradise at the tip of a healing peninsula jutting into the sea, sound like your dream too....

You will love Cabuya! A quaint fishing village of yesteryear with pure warm waterfalls, monkeys and wildlife galore and home to Resonance Ranch. 

The 400 acre Ranch teems with wildlife, massive ancient trees, mountain top jungle and grassland pastures. 


We are conveniently located on the only main road to Cabuya, across from your beachside lodge and within walking distance of several restaurants, the village store, an animal sanctuary, two rivers that flow to the sea, Cabo Blanco National Park and the Cemetario Island (accessible by foot at low tide). 


Pura Vida of Costa Rica is a life style of natural simplicity that expands the heart and reminds us of what really matters. Beauty abounds in this safe, friendly country, with modern conveniences in the midst of a tropical paradise at the edge of the Sea.


Sound like the place you want to getaway to and maybe never leave! 

Come Experience Horse Spirit Healing

Why Now


You can feel the readiness within, a desire to clarify and create the Vision in your Heart and expand into purpose, joy and trust. Now is the time...

In these challenging times on the planet, one can still truly get away from it all, to pause, reflect and create authentic intention.  Sometimes the best way to see the big picture is to step out and look back in from a completely different perspective.

Experience the Power of your Intention through the healing connection with intuitive horses who activate awareness of your own inner knowing. Immerse in a sacred land and the manifestation power of the horses, moon, land and intention. Release that which needs to be let go of and Receive your unique Joy Vision within.

Devote this time of self care to focus on AUTHENTIC YOU, clarify your vision and an intentional path to follow it. A week of adventure to laugh, connect, heal and create intention - can change your life! Together, we Get Real, Cowgirl Up and share a meaningful horse journey of a life time! Why not now, what are you waiting for!


What's Included?


  • Horse Adventure Rides for all levels: beach, village, jungle and ranch

  • Compassionate Horsemanship & the three relationships of horse: Free Liberty, Stewardship & Leadership

  • Experiencing the Reciprocal Relationship of Horse: Receiving and Giving

  • Equine Gestalt Coaching

  • Developing your Vision and your unique path to achieve it

  • Full Moon Ride

  • Horse fun with sea and sand

  • Horse & Human Heart connection experiences

  • EquiTouch

  • EquiEnergy

  • Yoga and Intuitive Movement with Horses

  • Horse Spirit Meditation

  • Balanced Seat & intuitive communication for horse performance

  • Waterfall Adventure

  • Follow up phone EGCM coaching session

  • 7 nights in a double occupancy room

  • Optional meal plan (excluding one dinner out and beverages)

  • “Time to BE" for surf, sand, pool, exploring, and soaking it IN 

  • Assistance with Costa Rica entry protocols & requirements

Optional Services:

  • Equinetic Horse Healing amidst the herd

  • Additional private/group Equine Gestalt Coaching session with horses

  • Additional Equine Gestalt phone coaching 

  • Assistance with San Jose hotel accommodations on either end of your trip

  • Lots of tours. Tell us your desire (snorkeling, zipline, ATV rentals, fishing, etc.)

  • Extra night(s) lodging

  • Want to get here sooner, assistance with a charter or commercial 25 minute flight from San Jose and a scenic 45 minute cab to the Resonance Ranch

  • Assistance with shuttle transportation from most areas of Costa Rica

  • Yoga, massage, art and movement therapies on the Ranch with the Herd


Is the Joy Full Moon Vision Journey for you...

Are you ready?

To step out of 'Real Life' and experience a cowgirl's 'Simple Life" of horse, nature and friendship!

To face the challenges and ride forward in trust and fiath with a horse by your side!

To discover meaning, purpose,

 connection and joy!

To breakthrough what might be holding you back and discover the inspired passion to live your authentic

Joyful Vision!

Are you willing?

To be authentic in your own vulnerability!

To connect to yourself, nature, healing horses and each other!

To push through the moments of fear that would keep you small!

To come out the other side large and empowered!

To inspire a path to your own unique

Joy Vision!

Horse Healing Journey

Saddle Up! Lets Go!

If your heart resounded with a YES! Gather up your herd of besties and meet us at the Ranch for an adventure of a lifetime!


What to Expect



Laughter, Adventure, Authenticity, Respect,  Empowerment, Awareness, Connection

First Day: Getting to this paradise is an adventure too! Enjoy a beautiful ferry, flight or drive across the bay and out to the tip of the peninsula.  Settle into the quietness of the ranch, relax and enjoy some refreshments. Meet Letitia and the rest of the herd (horse & human) at Resonance Ranch. Enjoy dinner together. relax and slumber with the sounds of the sea.

Mornings come early here, awaken to birds, waves and howler monkeys and an excitement to be chosen by one special Horse to begin your Vision Journey! Enjoy a hearty breakfast, you've got an active day!  Experience Free Liberty, EquiEnergy, EquiTouch and Compassionate Horsemanship.  Enjoy a delicious lunch and giddy up for your first empowerment ride with your gentle, talented horse! Enjoy spectacular scenery and get a lay of the land of the charming village of Cabuya.  Integrate your day and take a salty soak before dinner with new friends, tired and full from the days adventures.

So much more to come!  moon ride, bonfire and BBQ at the Ranch, waterfall and river excursions & dinner out, beach day with the ponies swimming and frolicking in the sea, Intuitive Movement with your horse, clarity and creation of your Joy Vision, time to BE, authentic connection with new friends, horses, nature and self and soo much fun!

Accomodations & Meals

Included in your retreat, enjoy a comfortable double occupancy room and delicious meals (inquire about the meal plan includes all but beverages and one dinner out on the town).  The ranch and all our accommodations are near the beach and are simple and comfortable. Soak in the warm sea, enjoy a hammock under the palm trees, refresh in the pool side restaurant during your free time to relax and inspire! Learn more about the Nicoya Peninsula "Blue Zone" on our Resources page.


Yummy local dishes are created from the abundant local fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood.  A variety of daily options are available, including vegan and gluten free dishes. Coffee, tea, (cold and hot), mint and lemon water are always available and refreshing.

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Private Retreats are an Option!

Have your own date, your own group and a specific intention? We are delighted to help bring your vision to life in your custom private retreat!

Come enjoy, with your own special group of friends, family or clients, a private retreat adventure to immerse in nature with horses and create meaningful connection and fun! What a perfect way to recharge and inspire!

Private retreats are a perfect option for team building, couples, families and women's groups. 

Healing facilitators, if you have clients that would enjoy a blended retreat of horses and you, we are happy to collaborate to create a unique retreat for your peeps.

Please call to discuss booking your private retreat.

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Give yourself time to BE....with a Horse

How do horses inspire humans to experience joy and love and discover their vision?  Horses are intention teachers and all visions begin with our own unique intention of the heart. A horse's intention lesson is one of those experiences that sticks. 

A Happy Horse* lives in the present Moment of Now, which is where peace and love exist and intention is inspired.  You can see the peace in a horse standing under a shady tree, you can feel it in the gentleness of their eye and the soft nuzzle on your heart.  A Happy Horse can share unconditional love, the moment he first meets you. It can be astonishing to feel their pure genuine kindness and desire to connect.  And when you intentionally open your heart to receive this gift, it can be life changing.  By simply BEing present in the moment with them, the healing energy of horse elevates your own vibration. It can feel like magic, because it's truly that easy! Through the authentic, energetic connection with horse, we humans elevate and balance.  Sound out there... or not? 

Humans, unlike Happy Horses, are often in the vibration energy of worry and fear about what's already happened and what might happen next.  Connecting with a healing horse, who chooses you, activates awareness; empowerment; confidence and growth! Horse, our powerful intention teachers, also helps us focus our attention to our intention, activating inspired action to move forward in our Joy Visions. ​

You horse owner/lovers know what I am talking about. Horses are your 'happy place'!  'Cause as soon as you head to the pasture you start to feel calmer in your authentic self, knowing your about to BE with the horse of your heart who loves you like no other. If you want to take those good vibes a big step further, intentionally Ask to Receive Love of a Horse and feel a transformation within.


   Enjoy this 7 nights of meaningful connection

    for $3250 per person.

    Or our 5 night retreat for $2650.   

    Ask about our promotions!


ENJOY horse adventures.

IMMERSE in tropical paradise.

SHARE authentic new friendships.

EXPERIENCE Horse Spirit Healing.

BALANCE with horse, sea and earth.

HEAL old wounds that hold you back.

FEEL confident and empowered. 

DISCOVER your inner knowing.

INSPIRE clarity & intention.

MANIFEST with full moon.

CREATE your Joy Vision.​

NURTURE worthy You.



Book your group or private Journey!

  • Time is TBD
    Resonance Ranch, Cabuya, Costa Rica
    Time is TBD
    Resonance Ranch, Cabuya, Costa Rica
  • Time is TBD
    Resonance Ranch, Cabuya, Costa Rica
    Time is TBD
    Resonance Ranch, Cabuya, Costa Rica
  • Time is TBD
    Resonance Ranch, Cabuya, Costa Rica
    Time is TBD
    Resonance Ranch, Cabuya, Costa Rica
  • Mon, May 09
    Cabuya, Costa Rica
    May 09, 2:00 PM CST – May 16, 10:00 AM CST
    Cabuya, Costa Rica, Puntarenas Province, Cabuya, Costa Rica, Costa Rica
  • Mon, Apr 11
    Cabuya, Costa Rica
    Apr 11, 2:00 PM – Apr 18, 10:00 AM
    Cabuya, Costa Rica, Puntarenas Province, Cabuya, Costa Rica, Costa Rica
  • Wed, Mar 16
    Cabuya Road In front of Vin's fisherman Puntarenas Cobano, Provincia de Puntarenas, 60111, Costa Rica
    Mar 16, 7:00 PM
    Cabuya Road In front of Vin's fisherman Puntarenas Cobano, Provincia de Puntarenas, 60111, Costa Rica
  • Wed, Mar 16
    Cabuya, Costa Rica
    Mar 16, 2:00 PM CST – Mar 17, 2:00 PM CST
    Cabuya, Costa Rica, Puntarenas Province, Cabuya, Costa Rica, Costa Rica

To share horse healing we are offering lower prices during these challenging times.

Cancellation policy 2021 & 2022

During these times of unknown and changing travel policy, we want to inspire you to take the leap of faith to receive self care. If you have to cancel due to unforeseen travel restrictions in less than 60 days, we offer a transfer of your retreat to another person or to another future retreat of your choice. If before 60 days you may choose to receive a  refund, minus an expense fee of $500.