These impactful coaching sessions provoke awareness, healing, release and practical tools and support to move forward in wholeness and wellness. Each coaching session is organic and unique to each individual. As you connect within sacred and confidential space with Letitia’s intuitive and impactful herd, you are seen, witnessed and assisted in discovering your own answers that lie within.


Whether you are seeking more joy, peace, inspiration, self love, or recovery from trauma, grief, limiting beliefs or other life challenges - Equine Gestalt is effective and empowering. Letitia and the herd assist you in taking the inspired steps to effective growth, healing and realizing your goals and visions.

Equine Gestalt Coaching

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    • Discover your Life Vision

    • Joy, wellness & Peace

    • Heal trauma

    • Let go of limiting beliefs

    • Create positive patterns

    • Self love

    • Grief

    • Self awareness & empowerment

    • Life transitions

    • Divorce

    • Empty nest & retirement

    • Childhood trauma

    • Body image

    • Depression

    • Couples & family counseling

    • Conflict mediation

    • Career & personal goal development

    • Team building

    • Leadership 

    • Practical tools to move forward

    • Deepening connection with horse and self

  • 24 hours notice required for ALL cancellations.

*A Happy Horse is one whose needs for care and love and respect are met. Whose stewards care

deeply and  provide a nurturing, natural and safe environment to live and share.

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Horse Spirit Healing, Resonance Ranch, Cabuya Beach, Costa Rica.

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