1½  hour group $35 pp (min 2 ppl)

1½  hour private $65


Connect intuitively and authentically, physically and energetically with a special healing Horse in Free Liberty. Experience how to listen and observe and feel into your body and emotions as you share with these powerful love beings, we call Horse. 


In EquiEnergy, we intentionally ask to receive the love horses desire to share. When we ask, we magnify our ability to receive that which horse freely gives us. We can feel the immensity of the Love they unconditionally give and feel the love connection flow back to them in a bond that is quickly felt and hard to explain.  


Through EquiTouch experience how to give back to a special horse with intentional touch of appreciation, bringing pleasure and joy to your horse. There is a holistic goodness felt in thiseciprocal relationship created with these powerful love beings called horse.


Deepen intuitive movement connection to self and horse as you stretch with horse, supported by his powerful strength and grounding energy. Expand into trust and awareness as you focus on your body, somatic sensations and emotions within this safe nurturing environment. Allow empowerment and trust to guide your letting go and releasing - body, mind and spirit. 

EquiEnergy, EquiTouch & Intuitive Movement

$60.00 Regular Price
$35.40Sale Price
  • 24 hours notice required for ALL day ride cancellations. 

*A Happy Horse is one whose needs for care and love and respect are met. Whose stewards care

deeply and  provide a nurturing, natural and safe environment to live and share.

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WhatsApp: +1(802) 233-1120    Phone: +(506) 8551-1735

Horse Spirit Healing, Resonance Ranch, Cabuya Beach, Costa Rica.

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