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The Cowboy Kids School program is designed to assist kids through challenging times to feel connected, safe, empowered and filled with the unconditional love that horses freely give.

Many kids and adults experience a need for support, as families navigate their own unique challenges at this time on the planet.  The many positive therapeutic benefits of connecting with horses has been documented in the last few decades. At Resonance Ranch we are dedicated to

empowering and inspiring our youth to meet challenges with confidence and intention. 


At Resonance Ranch Cowboy Kids learn the Compassionate Horsemanship way with Letitia Watson certified Equine Gestalt Coach, professional riding instructor and horse trainer. Children experience the three relationships of horse: Leadership, Stewardship and Free Liberty. They learn to ride

with confidence, balance and compassion. Cowboy Kids develop intention, focus, leadership, collaboration, teamwork, compassion and responsibility; as children work together to give and receive from the horses that become lifelong friends. They develop physical and emotional skills as they learn to listen, whisper and communicate with compassion and understanding with horses, under saddle and on the ground. Cowboy Kids learn the practical Stewardship needs and responsibilities of caring for Happy Horses as they develop a meaningful and reciprocal relationship with one special horse. 


Cowboy School is a one month program (4 weeks), one half day class (4 hours) per week (additional days are available) Afternoon or morning sessions available rain or shine. Class size is four children and four horses. 

Required gear: helmet, rubber boots and rain gear.

Cowboy Kids School

$267.00 Regular Price
$160.01Sale Price
  • 24 hours notice required for ALL cancellations.

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