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30 Day Journey Of Horse Healing

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

As I witnessed and experienced the world jarred into a surrealness, never imagined when 2020 rang in. My own horse healing vision expanded and quickened in response to my own dire need to vibrate Love versus fear. With dismay and sadness, I struggled to find firm ground to stay in the vibration of Love and Joy and Peace within the Heart Vision I held so dear here in Costa Rica. My inspiration grew from my own need. My inspiration grew from a belief that Love is the answer. My inspiration grew from knowing that Horses can elevate humans, with ease, even during a time when it felt almost impossible to elevate.

I made a promise to myself to ask horses to help heal my heart, ease my grief through the intentional Asking to Receive Love every day by going to them in free liberty and simply asking to receive. Part of me felt guilty turning away from all the need in the United States that I was unabel to effect. Yet I knew, that if I did not, I would be swept away in the fear and my own salvation and vision depended on it. I eased my guilt by setting the intention to share my experience with others. I hoped to inspire others to release the fear by elevating into Love. By inspiring others to join me in this 30 day Horse Healing Journey. It is my hope that collectively we can turn the tide back to love. For love is the answer to fear. I hope together us horse lovers and those just curious for a real workable solution will become Beacons of Love emanating horses vibration of Love. A Love Beacon that rises up from our pastures and our own expanded hearts, in hope and trust, that Love will turn the tide to Loving Humaneness.

My belief that planet will benefit from Love instead of fear, is the inspiration for this Horse Healing Journey, 30 day Experience. Though, an urgency still burns inside me, to right the pain and injustice of this time, I know, that if I do not stay in Love, my spirit might crumble in the dispair as I witness and fear. Love is the only true answer, I can see, to raise the world out of fear and into compassion. Love is what each of US can truly effect and radiate in direct opposition to the fear that would consume us.

How to be In Love instead of Fear? Horses are my answer. I know they unconditionally help me whenever I simply ask for help and healing for myself or others. They are truly grateful to have US come to them and share and receive in such a way. I know the answer, for me, is to ask a Horse to help me Heal with Love. I know this journey can fill you with Love too!

Please share in this Horse Healing Journey, a 30 Day Experience to elevate ourselves, and the planet, to Love - with the direct guidance of Horse! Join our FB group Horse Spirit Healing and find many beautiful free videos on our YouTube channel to inspire your own Horse Healing Journey.

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