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Horse Healing Journey, 30 Day Experience. 8 Simple Suggestions to connect with Horse!

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

This Horse Healing Journey is an invitation to co-create your own unique, organic experience of Love with a Horse. Here are 8 Simple Suggestions to assist you in opening to a Love Connection with a special horse, somewhere near you!

Join an inspiring journey of receiving Love in Costa Rica from backyard Horses discovered in a remote fishing village. Join this free Horse Healing Journey, 30 Day Experience, a free video series available on YouTube (click here) and share your experience on our Facebook Group (click here). Join in, any time, and create your own connecting experiences with Horses.

Here is the disclaimer.

Be careful. Be safe. Join together to create this Horse Love Experience in your own communities, as you are able and qualified and safe to do. It goes without saying, that your Horse Healing Journey, 30 Day Experience is an individual journey, with a horse, taken at your own risk and discretion.

8 Simple Suggestions to a Horse Love Connection

  1. Choose a daily video from the free series, Horse Healing Journey, 30 Day Experience, to inspire your own unique Love Journey with a Horse.

  2. Horse’s are Intention Teachers. This Horse Journey Intention is to “Ask and Receive the unconditional Love Vibration that is Horse”. Allow Horse to Be with you, how they choose to show up. Allow yourself to Be with Horse, the way you are guided. There is no agenda, other than Love and Peace.

  3. Find a Horse you can be with in ‘Free Liberty’ in nature (free to be themselves, without direction). Enter Horse’s outdoor home and presence safely, quietly, with respect, holding the intention to receive the vibration of Love that a happy horse lives every moment in. If a pasture setting is not available, connect with Horse(s) in a quiet ring or smaller paddock, away from distractions. If you can’t find a horse, experience the Love and Peace by joining the daily recorded video of a Horse Healing Journey in Costa Rica.

  4. Spend at least 30 minutes Being with Horse, more if you can. Bring only you and something to sit on (if desired) in the horse pasture. Leave everything else on the other side of the fence. No phones (turn off noises). No other stuff. No treats.

  5. Happy Horses naturally vibrate Love and Peace and they innately elevate our human vibration to the same, by simply being in their presence. You have to DO nothing. Your Intention of Receiving Love is powerful and magnifies the love Horse desire to share. You are Worthy. Ask & Receive, Love.

  6. Express gratitude for all that you received and experienced in you unique Horse Healing Journey. Now Love on Horse(s) in all the ways we love to give in return! Scratches, hugs, whispers of love and care.

  7. Writing a journal in the presence of Horse can be powerful. Take the time to let your inspiration flow to paper.

  8. The Circle of Love is complete! Go forth with Love and help Horses Heal Humans! Share the Love and your experience! A horse’s innate love vibration is boundless and touches all that desire to connect! Invite others to share the Horse Healing Journey, 30 day Experience. Please Share your experiences with all of us.

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