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My Costa Rica Horse Healing Journey


Many have asked why Costa Rica? Twenty five years ago I chose Costa Rica to adventure for the same reasons I have continued to return year after year... The reasons are many and I could, (maybe I will), write a book about why it’s so awesome. Here, I’ll keep it brief. Learn even more about Costa Rica in our Blog.


So here's my “Why Costa Rica is so awesome list!”

  • Safe for traveling alone and with children

  • Friendly people with a “Pura Vida” philosophy 

  • Affordability to visit and live

  • Horses with heart, talent and courage

  • Beauty abounds with amazing bio-diversity, eco-systems and wildlife

  • Volcanoes to rain forests to stunning beaches: Costa Rica is a wonderland for the Adventurer

  • Wonderful warm weather all the time

  • Societal Consciousness: universal health care and education

  • Environmental world leaders: dedication to green, clean energy and protecting nature

  • Secure without a miltary: Intentional ability to communicate  & maintain Peace

  • Agricultural lifestyle is CR’s number one national resource

  • Fresh food produced for national sustainability 

  • A land of small family entrepreneurs, where ‘Buy local’ has always been ‘the concept’ from fish to eggs to empanadas sold out of the kitchen

  • Where “it takes a village” is still true and lived by

  • A famous “Blue Zone” with the healthiest people on earth found right here in Cabuya village

  • A focus on family, community, faith and a simple life of abundance

  • Worldwide eclectic residents and visitors create a diverse culture

How the Costa Rica Vision Unfolded 


On January 1, 2020 I stepped onto Costa Rica soil. Once again, I felt the same familiar relief, yet a tentativeness in the mysterious and unknowningness of my intentional leap. This time, my plunge into Costa Rica, was not just one more blissful Costa Rica healing respite from my real life. This time, I had no intention  of ever going back to the


There’s so much that can be shared about every single one of these awesome qualities. Come to Costa Rica yourself and feel the difference of this yesteryear world that still exists here in Pura Vida!


My passion for Costa Rica began the day I stepped foot in this tropical paradise.  It has maintained a steady beat in my heart leading me steadily and surely to a vision of living forever in paradise. Read more of my Horse Healing Journey to Costa Rica...

States ‘for good’. This time, I was intentionally seeking a land

that felt like “Home”, another first step in creating a 25 year Horse

Healing Vision into a reality. This time, I was determined to trust my

Heart’s Vision, beating sure and true inside of me, urging my flip flopped feet to follow….

heart first, feet second. 

A vision of living a simpler life, all the time, in the natural beauty and magic of Costa Rica.  A Vision creating, with special Horses, an opportunity to Retreat and Experience Joy, Peace, Connection and Healing with Horses in Costa Rica. A vision of Horse Healing Journey’s, experienced, in this rich tropical paradise teeming with it’s own healing properties of water, air and nature. A vision of combining the power of this Pura Vida Land with the power of Horse’s Unconditional Love - inspiring Joy in deep connection with Horse, Spirit, Land, Sea, and Sacred Intention. 


A beautiful vision… all in good time..., when all is ready and the time is right....  My feet landed lightly, as I took that first curious and hopeful step off the plane, on day one of 2020. 


As I breathe in the warm soft air of Costa Rica, some months later, it is with a knowing that the time I was waiting for all these many decades, is Now.  My vision path of trust has manifested the beautiful ranch, next to the sea in my most favorite place on earth in Cabuya, Costa Rica and 6 beautiful horses who have accepted the invitation to join me on this Horse Healing Journey. Even in the midst of the wonder that I see all around me, I at times wrestle with staying in trust and warding off fear when it comes knocking or even crashing in and staying fast in my intention of following my flow and inspiration.  I am learning what following my own flow even feels like and to be inspired, instead of worried, by all the unknowns on the curvy path in front of me.  


As a mom of a recently launched only daughter, who is testing her own wings of freedom, I share our new freedom and authenticity to BE! Yet going with my own flow is a practice in listening and trusting and following. For I have life-long qualifications, and practice, in building and creating, with hard work, endurance and sacrifice. And yet, I long for a softer, gentler way. Can I really follow my joy and trust that all will be well… all in a divine timing, truly believing All is Working out for Us!?  And yet Faith and trust is what I yearn to know, deep down in my bones. Do I nurture my trust and faith when I follow the rhythm of my own heart, expanded in Joy?  Yes! Love is the answer!


Each of us have a knowing of what fills our unique souls.  For me, my journey has been one of Love.  Thus, my lifelong romance with Horse is no surprise. For they are my most compassionate Love & Intention teachers. So here I find myself once again, on a unique Love Journey with graceful Horse, guiding me with faith and trust to discover Love Within and all Around. I look forward to sharing more of this magical journey with all of you here at Horse Spirit Healing in Cabuya, Costa Rica.


Letitia Watson

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