All Horse Experiences are customized to create an unforgettable adventure with the special horses of Resonance Ranch and their steward. Letitia Watson. Letitia is a 30 year equestrian professional, certified Equine Gestalt Coach, trainer in Compassionate Horsemanship and licensed riding instructor. Letitia and her amazing herd of horses bring adventure, awareness and practical tools to move forward in a meaningful and joyful way.  Immerse in the nurturing and supportive environment of Resonance Ranch and a Horse's Healing Journey in the beautiful nature of the Nicoya Peninsula "Blue Zone". Through connection with self, horse and nature, you emerge inspired. 

Horse Adventure Getaway

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Horse Getaway
  • 2 night Horse Experience Getaways Include: 

    • 2 Half day experiences of fun, adventure & connection with amazing horses 

    • Horse nature rides & experiences (beach jungle, farm, sunsets, sunrises, full moon) 

    • Compassionate Horsemanship learning

    • Equine Gestalt Coaching (depending on ‘Getaway’ chosen)

    • EquiTouch

    • EquiEnergy

    • Double occupancy Room

    • Breakfast 

    • “Down Time" for surf, sand and pool

    • Minimum 2 people. Inquire for Private Pricing.


    Optional Services:

    • Intuitive Equinetic massage amidst the horses

    • Additional private/group Equine Gestalt Coaching session with horses

    • Equine Gestalt Phone Coaching session

    • Additional Riding Lessons or Horsemanship sessions

    • Private shuttle transportation from most areas of Costa Rica 

    • Lots of tours. Tell us your desire!

    • Extra night lodging 

    • Yoga

*A Happy Horse is one whose needs for care and love and respect are met. Whose stewards care

deeply and  provide a nurturing, natural and safe environment to live and share.

Connect with us:  

WhatsApp: +1(802) 233-1120    Phone: +(506) 8551-1735

Horse Spirit Healing, Resonance Ranch, Cabuya Beach, Costa Rica.

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