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Letitia Watson, professional 30 year instructor and trainer, along with her gentle talented herd focus on the Compassionate Horsemanship way. Connect respectfully with horses, understanding their language and unique herd dynamics. Experience the three relationships with horse: Free Liberty, Stewardship and Leadership and how all are important in a balanced and caring relationship with Horse.  Experience trust, faith and empowerment as you learn alongside these powerful 4 legged teachers. Beginners through advanced, children through Elders welcome.

Letitia's philosophy is based in deep gratitude for horses willingness to engage in partnership. Learn how body, mind and intention work in unity with Horse.  Whether your goal is to whisper with horses in their own language, barrel race at high speeds, become proficient, safe and balanced on the trail or learn how to properly handle and care for horses, we will work together to meet your goals.

Compassionate Horsemanship Lessons

$60.00 Regular Price
$35.40Sale Price
  • 24 hours notice required for ALL day ride cancellations. Rides may be rescheduled

    only for rain conditions. Or cowboy up and enjoy the warm rain of Costa Rica astride a horse!

    Minimum 2 people per ride. Private rides available check for price.

    • Riding Lesson:

    Riding instruction focuses on a Balanced Seat and Intentional Leadership, learning to move and perform in symmetry and connection and communication with your special horse.

    • Trail Lesson:

    Learning to be capable, confident and safe while riding in the natural environment, is fun and empowering.  There is something very special and relaxing about immersing in nature astride a gentle and talented Horse. Trail lessons are not only fun, but build skills while exploring the scenic landscape with your equine partner. Your awareness of horse and environment is heightened as you learn to safely navigate nature under saddle.  

    • Barrel Racing Lesson:

    Barrel racing and games on horseback is a great way to have fun, keep your horse engaged and fine-tune your communication skills and balanced seat. Barrel racing is a long passion at Resonance Ranch and we sponsor Fun Days here through out the year. The Ranch also  sponsors barrel races during local festivals here on the Nicoya Peninsula. Gymkhanas (games on Horseback) are a long tradition here in Costa Rica. We look forward to keeping the tradition alive and promoting barrel racing in the region.

    • Horsemanship Ground Lesson:

    These lessons are ground sessions and perfect for those desiring to experience Compassionate and Natural Horsemanship skills. 


    Cost for Lesson:

       1 ½  hour group $35

       1 ½  hour private $55

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