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Have you always dreamed of having a horse! Well here's your chance to build a meaningful friendship with a special talented horse in the Compassionate Horsemanship way. Experience the empowerment of Horse in a weekly journey with one special 4-legged friend! Connect for one month and feel horses powerful effects on you - Body, Mind and Spirit! 



Learn to care for and ride with balance, confidence and compassion. Increase your skills, knowledge and connection in the saddle and on the ground.  Experience the three relationships of horse: Free Liberty, Stewardship, and Leadership. Connect how these relationships with horse show up in your “real life”. 

Horses have the ability to help humans heal, assisting us in being in the present moment and raising our vibration to love and peace and joy. Horses inspire confidence; empowerment; awareness and growth! All the fun and adventure they share with us, is just a bonus!

This unique horse journey will increase your practical, physical, mental and emotional life skills and confidence. Emerge a fledgling cowgirl/boy - empowered, confident, and inspired by the touch of a horse's heart and the relationship of trust created with the adventures you share together! 



A weekly 3 hour experience for 5 weeks 

Need more horse time?! Additional sessions optional.


Adopt a Horse

$460.00 Regular Price
$275.03Sale Price
  • 24 hours notice required for ALL cancellations.

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