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Meet the horses

of Resonance Ranch

Does the beauty and grace and power of Horses inspire you? 

Is there something about them that draws you closer, curious and a bit in awe?

I'm not surprised!

Horses have drawn humans to them since the dawn of time.

Kind, patient and giving, they inspire the same within us.

 Horses are here and waiting for you!


Through my lifetime of working side by side with Horses, I have learned that

Horses deeply desire to assist JOY, HEALING and WHOLENESS  in humans.

Horses innate unconditional giving touches those that seek them and even those who never knew to look.

Come experience the world of horses and how they touch your body, mind, heart and  soul...

assisting clarity and intention to bring your visions into reality.


Learn about our Adopt A Horse Program

to create a lasting and rewarding relationship

with one special horse

Our Vermont Herd:

Clever, Shammy, Slick, Kiss, Bailey, & Sea Biscuit

I am grateful to have such a wonderful healing herd of horses that have blessed my life with their healing gifts and authentic desire to give and receive meaningful connection with humans. My sweet family, how I dream of bringing you to Costa Rica!  The vision is unfolding....

Our Costa Rica Herd:

Wise One, Peace, Chocolate, BeLoved, Joy & Little Light

Our special herd of Costa Rican horses is expanding my learning and understanding even more. They have brought the clear guidance and message of the power released in “Asking to Receive”. This has been their consistent message since beginning this journey with them here in Costa Rica. The herd is embarking on a mutual journey into trust as they let go of their traumas and fears to expand into trust and sharing the innate healing gifts they desire to give. Thank you! For your "YES!", my sweet new family.  I am grateful for the learning and the journey.

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