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One Month Journey of the Herd Ranch Immersion 

What is it?

The one month Journey of the Herd Vision Quest is an immersion into meaningful connection with self, horses and nature. It is a deep dive into awareness, healing, joy and empowerment of your unique  intentions and purpose. 


Horse Spirit Healing is located in Cabuya, Costa Rica, completely enveloped in nature and just across the beach, the sound of the sea and wildlife is ever present. We are walking distance from the gorgeous Lajas river and a short ride to Montezuma waterfalls. The village of Cabuya is authentic and tranquil with access to all basic needs. We even have live music, a bakery, chocolate factory , brewery, pizza delivery and a local bus route!


This is an All In experience! You are integrated into this immersion 6 days a week. Your free day you are welcome to continue your love affair with the Herd or explore more of the area or simply BE.

Date availability may be confirmed. We offer flexibility for private groups and individual retreats. Booking for 2022 & 2023

Why is one month important?

As humans we are constantly pushed to be productive and always working and usually on behalf of another This consistent message from society, family, friends and self can limit the connection to our own inner voice and needs. Horses show up with intention and teach a different way of approaching life. Through the connection with the herd be inspired and motivated to look inside, to BE, feel our inner truth and stay present in the here and now moment with the herd. Deep meaningful connection with horses requires time TO BE together, listen to their whisper and own inner voice answering. All of this takes time, which we are trained to think we don't have, especially when it comes to giving it to ourselves. Here at Horse Spirit Healing we know what a month can achieve in an intentional dive into presence, healing and defining your Joy Vision. 30 days allows for the new healthy patterns to integrate into your lifestyle. You are worth your attention and focus to thrive

Who is this for?

The Horse Vision Quest Journey is for intentional people valuing adventure, meaningful connection, renewal and inspiration on an aspect of life. Knowing the transformation of stepping out of the norm for 30 days to gain a new perspective and clarity to create a life of joy and meaning.  For some people this is clarifying their Vision of: career, relationship, letting go of fear or grief or limiting beliefs that hold you back, transition of divorce/death, empty nest or life focus, competence and confidence with horses as healers and partners, understanding your true purpose and inner gifts and how to share you with the world, reclaiming your balance and inner intuitiveness, redefining a life of wellness and wholeness  Whatever your Vision, Horses will inspire and empower you in achieving it!

What will you be doing?

Immerse with the stunning natural paradise in beautiful Cabuya beach, ranch and jungle. Learn Compassionate Horsemanship in the cowgirl life with: horse stewardship, meditation, Equine Gestalt Coaching, glorious riding adventures in paradise, Receiving in Free Liberty with the herd, herd leadership skills to gain confidence, competence and connection with horses, deep shamanic immersion with Horse, Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Moon, Sun, Spirit, Trust and Each Other to empower and inspire. 

This Vision Quest creates intentional clarity and awareness of the life vision you desire to bring fully forth.  Experience Equine Gestalt Coaching which intentionally addresses limiting beliefs, grief, fear and core wounds that are holding you back from your joy and true heart vision of inspired meaningful purpose. Rejuvenate with a variety of other healing modalities and experiences: authentic movement, art therapy, healthy eating, yoga, sound, music, dance, fire and moon ceremonies are all complements to this nourishing immersion with the Herd.

We begin the day with stewardship, learning with Compassionate Horsemanship the herd.  Caring and loving them so they are ready to Love full out with us humans on our day of adventures. Open your intuitive whispering to horses skills, earning how to communicate and understand the ways and language of horse. You will learn balance and trust and oneness, as together with Horse, you build confidence, competence and collaboration enjoying nature, connection and riding adventures  together in a  love affair with the Herd-. 




-Compassionate Horsemanship coaching

-Equine Gestalt Coaching

-Meditation with the herd

-Meaningful connection and intuitive awareness with horses

-Learning to Listen and Whisper with Horses

-Self reflection exercises

-Horse back riding on beach and trails

-Participating in regular monthly Horse Spirit Healing community programs

-Stewarding and partnering with one special horse

-Connecting with the local community and sharing the connection of the Herd

-Creating your Vision and a path to it

-Art creation 

-Adventures in nature 

-Healing with Horses to overcome limitations and opening the heart to Receive

-Moon and Fire Ceremonies

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