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I´m the Vision Tender of Horse Spirit Healing, with Letitia I nurture and uplift the mission of creating joyful and meaningful connections between horses and humans.

  With devotion and experience in what it means to nurture and take care of a Horse and Human Sanctuary.

I´m a Movement Facilitator, Art Therapist, Equinetherapist, Psychologist and a happy member of the Horse Spirit Healing Herd.

"Discovering And Loving The Home Within"


Every day I´m more convinced that every drop of awareness we contribute to the world matters, every person who´s heart is healing matters and every horse (through human love, acknowledgement and care) who is happy matters.



I´m passionate about human potential, growth and development, inner gardens, wellness, nature, freedom, love, healing arts and of course, horses.




Expand With




I look forward to meeting you in person and to
co-create spaces for your horse visions to come to form!

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