Kids & Community Programs

To share horse healing we are offering lower prices during these challenging times.


Cabuya Caballo Kids Project


The Cabuya Caballo Kids is a free community program offered by Horse Spirit Healing to connect local children and Elders with the gentle horses of Resonance Ranch in a meaningful and joyful way.



They learn to give and receive with horses in the Compassionate Horsemanship way while enjoying the beautiful natural Ranch environment.  Horses inspire! So art, movement and music are a perfect compliment to this two hour experience inspiring creativity and expression and connection.  The inspired art of the Caballo Kids is found sprinkled on trees and decorating buildings. These little tokens of creation remind the children and Elders of their connection here every time they return to the horses at Resonance Ranch. 



We are committed to offering CCK twice monthly. Call to reserve your experience.


Cost: FREE

Horse Stewardship Project



The Horse Stewardship Project creates an opportunity to co-create meaningful community intention, collaboration and responsibility - as each participant develops skills to independently steward: our Happy Horses of Resonance Ranch and the Horse Spirit Healing mission. The Mission of Horse Spirit Healing is: “Creating meaningful and joyful connection between horse and human”.

The Horse Stewardship Project is designed to co-create happy, healthy horses, filled with love and care. Happy Horses desire to fully give their powerful and innate healing gifts to the humans that seek them. Stewards experience the empowering, reciprocal relationship of unconditional love, learning and connecting with the healing horses of Resonance Ranch.  As we give, so we receive. 


Participants learn the Compassionate Horsemanship way, engaging in the three relationships of horse: Stewardship, Leadership and Free Liberty. Stewards also experience EquiTouch, EquiEnergy and Free Liberty experiences.  The team enjoys a trailride experience upon completion of the program. .



The Horse Stewardship project is a six-week commitment,  3 days per week, 4 hours per day. Completion of the Steward Safety Training is required before acceptance into the Horse Stewardship Project.  The unique skill set of each Steward is appreciated and utilized in Resonance Ranch projects and development. 

Ages: mature 11 - Elders. 

Required Gear: boots, gloves and rain gear. Rain or shine, the horses are waiting.

Required Training: A HSH 4 hour Safety Training Class, with the horses, is required for acceptance into the Horse Stewardship program. This class will determine whether this program is right for you at this time. Cost is $25 (barter exchanges are considered).

Horse Stewardship Cost:


Cowgirl School



Cowgirl School is designed to assist kids and famiies to feel connected, safe, empowered and filled with the unconditional love that horses freely give.

Many kids and adults experience a need for support, as families navigate their own unique challenges at this time on the planet.  The many positive therapeutic benefits of connecting with horses has been documented in the last few decades. At Resonance Ranch we are dedicated to

empowering and inspiring the community to meet challenges with confidence and intention. 


Learn the Compassionate Horsemanship way with Letitia Watson certified Equine Gestalt Coach, professional riding instructor and horse trainer. Experience the three relationships of horse: Leadership, Stewardship and Free Liberty. Learn to ride with confidence, balance and compassion. Develop intention, focus, leadership, collaboration, teamwork,  compassion and responsibility


working together to give and receive from the horses that become lifelong friends. Develop physical and emotional skills, learning to listen, whisper and communicate with compassion and understanding with horses, under saddle and on the ground. Learn the practical Stewardship needs and responsibilities of caring for Happy Horses as they develop a meaningful and reciprocal relationship with one special horse. 


Cowgirl School is a one month program (4 weeks), one half day class (3 hours) per week (additional hours and days are available) Afternoon or morning sessions available rain or shine. Class size is five humans with five horses. 

Required gear: helmet, rubber boots and rain gear.


$225 (3 hours classes).


Adopt A Horse


Have you always dreamed of having a horse! Well here's your chance to build a meaningful friendship with a special talented horse in the Compassionate Horsemanship way. Experience the empowerment of Horse in a weekly journey with one special 4-legged friend! Connect for one month and feel horses powerful effects on you - Body, Mind and Spirit! 


Learn to care for and ride with balance, confidence and compassion. Increase your skills, knowledge and connection in the saddle and on the ground.  Experience the three relationships of horse: Free Liberty, Stewardship, and Leadership. Connect how these relationships with horse show up in your “real life”. 

Horses have the ability to help humans heal, assisting us in being in the present moment and raising our vibration to love and peace and joy. Horses inspire confidence; empowerment; awareness and growth! All the fun and adventure they share with us, is just a bonus!

This unique horse journey will increase your practical, physical, mental and emotional life skills and confidence. Emerge a fledgling cowgirl/boy - empowered, confident, and inspired by the touch of a horse's heart and the relationship of trust created with the adventures you share together! 



A weekly 3 hour experience for 5 weeks 

Need more horse time?! Additional sessions optional.



Family Retreats

Horses teach about "being a member of the herd", bringing meaning and understanding to family dynamics, creating an appreciation of the unique gifts and temperaments of each person and horse.  This fun and empowering Horse Journey Adventure is designed to positively impact your unique family through the building of trust and connection with horses in Free Liberty, Stewardship and Leadership. Learn more here -->

Lessons & Trailrides


Letitia Watson, professional 30 year instructor and trainer, along with her gentle talented herd focus on the Compassionate Horsemanship way. Connect respectfully with horses, understanding their language and unique herd dynamics. Experience the three relationships with horse: Free Liberty, Stewardship and Leadership and how all are important in a balanced and caring relationship with Horse.  Experience trust, faith and empowerment as you learn alongside these powerful 4 legged teachers. Beginners through advanced, children through Elders welcome.

Letitia's philosophy is based in deep gratitude for horses willingness to engage in partnership. Learn how body, mind and intention work in unity with Horse.  Whether your goal is to whisper with horses in their own language, barrel race at high speeds, become proficient, safe and balanced on the trail or learn how to properly handle and care for horses, we will work together to meet your goals.


Riding Lesson:

Riding instruction focuses on a Balanced Seat and Intentional Leadership, learning to move and perform in symmetry and connection and communication with your special horse both in the ring and on the trail.


Trail Lesson:

Learning to be capable, confident and safe while riding in the natural environment, is fun and empowering.  There is something very special and relaxing about immersing in nature astride a gentle and talented Horse. Trail lessons are not only fun, but build skills while exploring the scenic landscape with your equine partner. Your awareness of horse and environment is heightened as you learn to safely navigate nature under saddle.  


Barrel Racing Lesson:

Barrel racing and games on horseback is a great way to have fun, keep your horse engaged and fine-tune your communication skills and balanced seat. Barrel racing has been a long passion and Resonance Ranch is sponsoring Fun Days and including barrel race events during local festivals here on the Nicoya Peninsula and on the Ranch in Cabuya. Gymkhanas (games on Horseback) are a long tradition here in Costa Rica. We look forward to keeping the tradition alive and bringing barrel racing into the area.

Horsemanship Ground Lesson:

These lessons are ground sessions and perfect for those desiring to experience Compassionate and Natural Horsemanship skills. 

Cost for Lesson:

   1 ½  hour group $35

   1 ½  hour private $55


Adventure Rides:

Trail ride experiences are fun and connecting for all ages. Learn more about exploring Costa Rica on horseback. Here-->