Full and Half Day Experiences

Day adventures begin by learning about the special healing herd of horses of Horse Spirit Healing, in what we call here The Whisper of Horse. Discover a new perspective of how horses impact and uplift and how you too can receive connection and healing with horses. Immerse into a Herd of horses in Free Liberty in the beautiful sanctuary they call home. Witness the horses unique Herd Family Dynamics and experience the energetic vibration of LoveJoy in the unconditional love of the Herd. Learn how to whisper and listen to Horses yourself through awareness and intentional connection to their wisdom in the Moment of Now. Feel chosen by one special horse in the Free Liberty connection. Experience being Open to Receive the energy vibration of love and acceptance from the Herd. Share a deeper journey with a special horse that intrigues you and share EquiEnergy and EquiTouch and a reciprocal relationship of trust..

Empowerment Horseback Experience

Communicate Compassionate Leadership as we saddle up or bareback horseback through beautiful Costa Rica. Gain competence and confidence with your special horse as you take in the beauty of farm, river, village or beach depending on tide or preference. Actual ride time varies depending on organic experience. Return happy and very appreciative of the special Herd that touched your heart. 

Whisper with Horses Experience  

For Horse lovers who want to learn about and experience a deep heart connection and communication with these amazing Love Beings we call horses. This experience in Compassionate Horsemanship explores the Reciprocal Relationships of Horse: Free Liberty, Leadership and Stewardship.  Witness the horses unique Herd Family Dynamics and temperaments. Communicate in horse language on the ground, using energetic and physical intention. Experience clarity, connection, communication, competence and confidence as you listen to the Whisper of Horse.(ground only).

Horse Swim River or Sea Experience

Dreaming of swimming with horses in paradise, splash in the waves or immerse in the rivers of Costa Rica! Give your special horse a sea sand scrub massage. relax and play in the water, swim with the horses depending on water conditions.  Communicate Compassionate Leadership on a bareback horseback ride to beach and river. Actual ride time varies depending on organic experience.. (previous HSH Ranch Ride required or full day)

Half Day Ranch Experience                                   Full Day Ranch Experience

    Shared Group (min 2)      $150 pp                                               Shared Group (min 2)      $300 pp

    Private Party (min 2)         $175 pp                                               Private Party (min 2)         $350 pp

    Individual                         $375                                                    Individual                         $750 


Sweet Connection Experiences 

Time flies with Horse Spirit Healing horses! You´ll understand what we are talking about once you spend time with this special herd and hours feel like just moments! If time allows we are happy to ad more time with the Herd.  In each experience the Whisper as you learn of horses innate healing abilities

Equine Gestalt Coaching

Letitia Watson is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach. She and her special herd of healing horses inspire awareness, release, healing and practical tools, to support your forward movement into wholeness, wellness and joy. Each coaching session is organic and unique to each individual. As you connect within sacred and confidential space with Letitia’s intuitive and impactful herd, you are seen, witnessed, and assisted in discovering your own answers that lie within. Whether you are seeking more joy, peace, inspiration, self-love, or recovery from trauma, grief, limiting beliefs, or other life challenges - Equine Gestalt is effective and empowering. Letitia and the herd assist you in  effective growth and empowerment to realize your goals and visions. Learn more about EGC coaching here-->

2 Hour Herd Experience                        1 Hour Phone Coaching Experience

  Individual                         $200                                       Individual or couple       $75

  additional hours              $100                                       additional hours             $75

  Couple/Family                 $250                                       Couple/Family               $100

  additional hours              $100                                       additional hours             $100



Equinetics Horse Healing Shamanic Journey

Feel horse's peaceful presence and recalibration of your energy vibration to that of LoveJoy.  Soak up the nourishing self-care you deserve in an forgettable and Intentional healing with the Herd of Horses that show up in Free Liberty to personally and profoundly soothe, nourish and fill you up with unconditional love. Surrounded by nature and horses, held and facilitated by Letitia or Rio, feel your own vibration elevate in response. Create a shift out of human fears, worries, and stress and into peace and joy. Horses share this sacred nurturing space and may add their own gentle healing physical touch and breath in this  organic experience. As chakras balance and energies release, open the pathways of Love and Joy. intuitive touch combined with Horse Equinetic energetic healing combines soothing pleasure head to toe, body, mind and spirit. Receive a Horse Spirit Wisdom message as you experience Horse Spirit Healing within you and around you.  

2 Hour Herd Experience

  Shared Group (min 2)      $100 pp

  Private Party (min 2)         $125 pp

  Individual                        $225


Horse Meditation

Experience the innate healing energy of horses in Free Liberty under the sacred trees of Resonance Ranch. Ask and Receive the intentional and unconditional love from the sweet Herd. As they blast our hearts wide open, we receive the wisdom and whispers of horse that touch heart and soul. Feel  horses transmute healing energy to raise lower vibrations of stress and fear to Peace and Joy! As you look into the eye of Horse you are captivated in the Moment of Now, sharing a profound an intimate and compassionate connection. Horses unconditional love inspires the same within humans.  Experience an expansion of breath, gratitude, love, and the vision of your heart in this guided meditation of horse and nature.  Uplifting in heart, body, mind, and spirit in the Moment of Now.

2 Hour Herd Experience

  Shared Group (min 2)      $75 pp

  Private Party (min 2)         $100 pp

  Individual                         $200


Bareback Intuitive Movement 

Experience the three healing energetic connections with Horse: Free Liberty Receiving, EquiEnergy and EquiTouch- Build a reciprocal relationship with horses through energy exchange and connection. Through trust and connection, move into a physical connection with EquiTouch and bareback Intuitive movement immersed in nature. Experience the gentle stretch in an intimate body and soul connection with one special horse. Supported by horses powerful strength and grounding energy expand into awareness as you focus on your body, somatic sensations and emotions within this safe nurturing environment. Allow empowerment and trust to guide your letting go and releasing - body, mind and spirit. Creating an expansion of breath, gratitude, peace and Joy in a love affair with horse. Learn more about EquiTouch, EquiEnergy & Intuitive Movement here -->

3 Hour Ranch Experience 

  Shared Group (min 2)      $125 pp

  Private Party (min 2)         $150 pp

  Individual                        $275

Horse Partnership Lesson

Learn how the three relationships: Free Liberty, Stewardship and Leadership are important in a reciprocal and loving relationship with horses. Receive horses energetic gifts, understand herd dynamics and safe, respectful learning environments for horses and humans. Experience how body, mind and intention work in unity in Compassionate Horsemanship.  Build connection, communication, confidence, trust and empowerment as you learn alongside these gentle teachers. Some mounted bareback riding and/or intuitive movement included. Mounted time varies on organic experience (approx. 30 min). Beginner through advanced, children through Elders welcome.

2 Hour Ranch Experience

  Shared Group (min 2)      $75 pp

  Private Party (min 2)         $100 pp

  Individual                         $175